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JA ITS and civilian attorney for the military questions

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  • JA ITS and civilian attorney for the military questions

    I have three questions that are pretty technical and hope someone might have some experience with. 1.) Anyone have any experience doing (or going through) an ITS for a junior JA? 2.) Does the military prefer to hire current or former JAs to be there civilian attorneys? 3.) How easy is it to go from one civilian attorney job working for the military to another one?

    Long story short, came back from initial training to a wrecked solo practice (the person that I hired to run it didn't do so well) and need to get the financial house in order ASAP. After considering my options, I am looking at trying to be a civilian attorney for the military either doing contract work or legal assistance where I have lots of experience (I'm also considering a MOB).

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    Perhaps your state JAG or Realitycheck will know the answer. I do not know if it violates any ethics rules.


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      Im not sure if you are reffering to IST with ITS but here goes...

      1) If you are reffeing to interstate transfer, it is no different than any other MOS. Call the state SJA on the state where you are moving, he will be able to advise you of slots available. Work with him before you work with the IST coordinator.

      2) For the most part yes, but along with that is the requirement for you be proficient in the area you are trying to work as a civilian. They are not hiring you as a claims attorney just because you are a JA with only military justice experience.

      3) Just as easy/hard as it is for anyone else. It is all in who you know, followed by what you know.

      If you are looking to MOB get on the PPTO site for vacancies, they update frequently. You might also find something on tour of duty.


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        Have no idea why I wrote ITS instead of IST, but I appreciate your response.


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          This is relevant to the PPTO comment, but not really to the thread at large: The MOB opportunities listed on the PPTO website are generally with T10 units (often USAR). How does that work with Guardsmen? For instance, there are several SVC slots, but they are all with USAR units. Could a Guardsman even do those?