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Questions about JAG

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  • Questions about JAG

    I was wondering if someone could give me some answers about the JAG, the local recruiter does not seem to know anything about JAG.

    I am interested in the state guard or reserve, what are my chances of staying in my home state?

    Could I bring my family with me to the officer training classes or where do you stay?

    How much a month does a National guard/Reserve officer make a month, just a general idea when you first join?

    What are my chances of being deployed (I know that no one really knows)?

    I am a licensed attorney, and I have always wanted to be JAG, but I have a family member with a very serious illness and I do not want to be deployed or away from them as they need me.

    I know this sounds winey, but prob the answers will be that I don't need to join, but I thought I would ask anyway.

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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    Re: Questions about JAG

    Whatever state you commission in is the state you belong to. Only YOU can send yourself to another state.

    You will stay on post in lodging designed for trainees(not sure where you actually will go). Generally if you want to bring your family it is at your own expense. This is usually not encouraged as you won't have time to really spend any off duty hours with them.

    I believe JAG gets a direct commission to O-3 like those in the Medical Corps do, but I might be incorrect on that. In any case you can find out drill pay for officers here.

    To answer the last two questions together, you join the military to serve your country in WAR/COMBAT(Wrap your mind around it). Obviously as a JAG Officer your chances of seeing an actual firefight are slightly less than many other postions, but make no mistake about, you can perish due to military service. If you can't live without seeing your exceptional family member (I don't mean to sound insensitive but there generally are options that people just choose to ignore), then the Guard may not be for you.


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      Re: Questions about JAG

      JAGs do get deployed, because even soldiers down range have legal issues, and you are to advise the command on all things pertaining the Law. There is usually one JAG for every 600 soldiers. Thus if any of your units go down-range you will probably be going with them.

      The reserve is like a smashed apple with units spread across large geographic areas; sometimes causing the need to make travel arrangements every drill.
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        Re: Questions about JAG

        If you join your state Guard you will stay in your state. It is not unheard of to join another state's Guard as a JA (one of my classmates did). Reserve JA could be stationed anywhere within a 12 hour radius (you sort of have to find your own opening once selected). You commission as a 1LT and if Guard/Reserve you'll make CPT a little after 1 year (6 months is active). JA is very competitive with less than a 10% acceptance rate.

        You cannot bring your family with you for DCC (think basic training light) which is 6 weeks long and in Fort Benning, GA. At Fort Benning you stay in dorm room style barracks (2 people to a room). You can bring your family for JAOBC which is in Charlottesville, VA, but pay a little to do so. You stay in a hotel. JOABC is 11 weeks long law school by fire hose (6-8 hours/day of power point 5/days a week). Pay starts at $3,200ish/month, plus housing, food allowance, and separation pay. Those get me another $1,500 or so tax free. Starting Drill pay totals about $7,500 for 1 months work.

        You can deploy, but the chances are slimmer now with the draw down (and just a tad less so if Guard or reserve). I'm a recent JA and only 1-2 in our class we know are deploying. If you put your 20 years in for retirement assume at least 2-4 deployments, not necessary all to combat zones and not all necessary all for a year. Deployments are 12 months, 3 months in the states and 9 months overseas. If you want better living conditions and shorter deployments try air force.JAs have additional mandatory training so assume an average of 2-3 weeks "extra" training every year.

        I have an NCOs tell me that they have seen JAs fire in combat (they were sent to a COB) , but it is rare. Yes you can die, a number of JAs and 27D have died in combat operations since 9/11 (I think around 10). During schooling we are consistently told that we are in the business of death and dying. You will learn Solider skills, Land Nav, 6 mile ruck, obstacle course, M-16 qualification (maybe M-9) etc... If you can't deal with that, to quote a movie "seek life elsewhere." Good luck with your decision.