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    Hi everybody! My name is Bryen and I am 20 years old. I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana and I just graduated high school this past year. I am very interested into learning and becoming a Chaplain. I do not, however, know the steps to take to become one. Could anyone please assist me in any way? Where should I go to college? Specific Requirements? Not to sure of what to do. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Brand new!

    Hi Bryen, and welcome to the forum!

    To become a Chaplain you need a bachelor's degree in any field, and a master's degree of at least 72 hours, and two years of ministry experience. You will also need the endorsement from an endorser.

    There are also what are known as Chaplain Assistants in the National Guard. They compose one-half of the UMT, Unit Ministry Team. They are enlisted soldiers that aid and protect the chaplain.

    There is also the Chaplain Candidate Program, which is for people who are already in seminary and have their bachelor's degree. I my friend am Chaplain Candidate, and have been so for four years almost. Once you have completed your requirements to become a chaplain you access into the Chaplaincy.

    Chaplains are direct commission officers, meaning they do not have to go through ROTC or OCS. They serve in a Specialty Branch.

    One of the first steps toward Chaplaincy is earning your accredited Bachelor's degree, it can be in anything. Then you apply to an accredited seminary where you will train for ministry.

    A possible path would be for you to enlist as a Chaplain's assistant until you finish your bachelor's degree, then become a candidate when you graduate.

    Or you could enroll in ROTC and ask for permission once done to become a chaplain candidate.

    Or you could do both, enlist and do ROTC under the SMP program.

    Or you could wait until you are done with your M.Div and experience to directly commission.

    I would enlist and do ROTC, and go from there.

    It's important that you begin your ordination process now for your Faith Tradition, whatever that may be.
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