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How hard is it to get to board?

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  • How hard is it to get to board?

    I have been in process for 7 months to become a chaplain candidate. My recruiter told me a month before the last board (in June) that I was good to go, only to learn a week before the board that there was things missing and I'd have to wait till August. 3 weeks ago my packet was sent to QC and I was told all was good and I'm set for the board August 6. But today my recruiter told me I am going to need an age waiver. I don't understand how that could happen. I am 39 with 8 years prior service (active duty) and was told by everyone these past 6 months that my age was not an issue. Now all of a sudden I need a waiver for it? And they only discover this 2 weeks before the board?

    Does this sort of stuff happen all the time? Does everyone miss multiple boards because of mistakes made by those who should know better? How hard is it to know that I would have needed an age waiver?


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    Re: How hard is it to get to board?

    It happens......I started trying to access, 20 months ago. My recruiters, two separate, lost ALL of my paperwork TWICE. Wouldn't ever call me back, I'd call they'd say they'd call me back and didn't. Then it took about 6 months for my Senior chaplain interview to be written. My endorser wouldn't write a memo, but finally did after about 9 months. So once I finally got everything for a waiver, the recruiter did it the wrong way, and the G1 never sent it back to the recruiter. So after waiting 9 months on a waiver, I have to get another waiver.

    Now the OSM is in no hurry for anyone to access because there are no positions, which there were when I started. Oh I know how frustrating it can be...........I was ready to access in APR of's JUL of 13..........
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      it feels like eons especially when the OSM seems like he is never as much in a hurry as you are