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I have some questions regarding the process of enlistment....

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  • I have some questions regarding the process of enlistment....

    First, you should know that I just came back from Ft. Jackson for my first physical. (I was told by my recruiter that due to my age - I am 42 - that they will break my physical up into two parts.) During the first physical I had blood drawn, two urinalysis, hearing check, eyes checked, etc. I then made a second appointment (slated for Feb. 15th) to go back to Fort Jackson to discuss my results, get finger printing, and anything else.

    As of this morning, I have turned in all of my the paperwork my recruiter gave me to fill out.

    I am not a chaplain candidate as I am too old. Therefore, I understand that I will not be "in" until I finish my seminary degree (Summer of this year).

    However, my question is this: When are you considered "in?" Is it after you go before an officer board? Or, is it after you are sworn in???

    Thanks in advance for the help. And, I appreciate any advice...

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    Re: I have some questions regarding the process of enlistment....

    In many cases your selection broad will convene on the same day you swear your Officer's Oath of Office. The board will be three officers not necessarily chaplains, they will ask you a bunch of questions. If they find you ready for chaplaincy, you will most likely swear in that day. Or you could wait to swear in, for all technical purposes you are not officially in till you swear the Oath. However, before any of this happens the Chief of Chaplains Selection Board will approve you, so you could for personal purposes consider yourself "in."

    That my friend is a lot of paperwork.
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