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Chaplain Loan Repayment Program (CHLRP)

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  • Chaplain Loan Repayment Program (CHLRP)

    Chaplain Loan Repayment Program (CHLRP)

    1. A Soldier cannot receive the Officer Accession Bonus (OAB), Officer Affiliation Bonus (OAFB), Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP), O9S Student Loan Repayment Program (O9S SLRP) and Selective Reserve Incentives Program (SRIP) incentives simultaneously.
    2. Soldier must be in a vacant, non-over strength or excess MOS slot. No exceptions authorized.
    3. Minimum 3 year service obligation.
    4. Must currently hold, and be fully qualified for, an appointment as a Chaplain. (Note: Chaplains that were previously commissioned fall under the eligibility rules at the time of commissioning. See regulations for examples).
    5. Must possess outstanding educational loans secured on or after 1 October 1975. These loans must have been applied towards a basic professional qualifying degree through graduate education resulting in a qualifying degree based on commissioning requirements at the time of appointment as Chaplain. All degrees must be obtained from an accredited theological seminary. See regulation on more details.
    6.. A Chaplain requesting payment above the original approved CHLPR agreement of $20,000 must sign another incentive agreement and serve an additional 3 year term. The maximum lifetime amount of this benefit will not exceed $80,000.
    7. New loans will not be counted after the initial agreement until a new 3 year service agreement is signed.
    8. Chaplain Candidate Program applicants are not eligible for this incentive.
    9. The agreement must be signed by the proper authority and on the entered contract date. See regulation for more details.
    10. Termination without Recoupment:
    a. Any break in service will permanently terminate incentive except for authorized periods of non-availability. Chaplain with more than one authorized break in service will be terminated without recoupment
    b Chaplain whose CHLRP agreement was signed with a date other than the system generated contract signature date with no payments processed.
    11. Termination with Recoupment:
    a. Erroneous receipt of anniversary payments. See regulation for more details.
    b. Overpayment
    12. Payment: The CHLRP will not exceed $20,000 per 3 year period of obligation with a yearly payment of $6,666.66 upon completion of 1 year of satisfactory participation. Payments on loans having outstanding balances less than the maximum yearly repayment will be eligible for that amount only.
    13. Suspension of Incentive:
    a. Enters into a period of non-availability (for example, ING) for the allowable periods of:
    i. 1 year for personal reasons
    ii. 3 years for missionary work
    b. Soldier is FLAGGED (SFPA) (excludes APFT and height/weight standards).
    c. Soldier is contracting with ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). (Not applicable with the SLRP)
    d. Only 1 period of non-availability is allowed.
    e. Reinstatement of incentive is not guaranteed. See regulation for more details.
    14. There are several instances where incentives that were suspended can be reinstated. See regulation for a complete breakdown and description or each situation.
    15. Refer to the regulation for the list of causes for termination of incentive with or without recoupment. In general, once incentive has been terminated, Soldier cannot receive incentive in the future.
    16. See regulation on the how deployments affect this incentive, such as in the case of taxes and eligibility.

    *An applicant should ALWAYS refer to their local recruiter for the most up-to-date information on payment installments and amounts. These can and do vary between states and often change overnight.

    Updates in bold 10Jan13
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