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    Re: Ask me anything

    Good Afternoon Sir!

    I saw the great information you had on the chaplain candidate program. I have been searching for some information as there is not much out there and was wondering if you could provide any information.

    I am Air Force Officer (38P/Personnelist) and currently a Capt. I want to enter into the program but wonder how it works with me being prior service? Do I lose all prior evals/time in grade/rank?

    Will they even accept me?

    I been a military brat most of my life (parents prior military) and wondering how hard it is for endorsement especially when most of my religious experience has been with the chapel. Can you point me in the right direction on how to get started on that?

    Thank you for all your help!


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      Re: Ask me anything

      You could become a Chaplain Candidate, yet you could Directly Commission as a Chaplain. You could do an online divinity degree, and apply for a waiver for ministry experience.

      The thing about the Chaplain Candidate program is there is no guarantee of becoming a Chaplain. Once you become part of the reserve it may be close to impossible for go active duty again.

      I'd consider staying were you are and completing your education online. Unless you feel a vocation for a seminary experience.

      I've seen a few chaplains go straight from active duty to the chaplain corps. One MAJ, AD to Army R, and one SPEC OPS soldier. You can apply for active duty army chaplaincy three times.

      You'd probably lose rank if you became a Chaplain Candidate, perhaps back to 2LT. Since there are no CPT CC's anymore. Maybe.

      But you would assemble a Direct Commission Packet like everyone else....and if you get accepted you'd be given a temporary commission. You'd probably have to resign your other commission.

      The Air Force CC program is a bit different than ours.

      Different endorsers have different standards, all pretty much require ordination, whatever that means. As a Candidate they don't endorse they simply approve you to become a Candidate then later endorse you for chaplaincy.

      If you want to go on active duty. I'd stay clear of the easy endorsers. What I mean the ones with low standards for endorsement. You catching what I'm throwing?

      The easy endorsers are usually HUGE, and the Chaplain Corps is HUGE on Diversity thus it would be easier to get in for diversity's sake if you have an uncommon endorser (but that's my opinion).
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        chaplain4me after completing chbolc even as a chaplain candidate why arent you a 1lt? if i amy ask. arent you already getting o1 pay?


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          I am a 1LT, but have the time to become a CPT; however, my state will not let me become a CPT as a Chaplain Candidate. As soon as I become a Chaplain I should become a CPT as well.

          Yes, I get O2 pay with five years.


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            I was a chaplain candidate in the Reserve and Guard from 2006-2007. I was directly commissioned as a 2LT. Now probably because I was a transfer from another reserve component, I never went before a board for the Guard. They just submitted my paperwork to NGB and waited for my Fed Rec to come back. Then I was ushered into a room where the TAG administered the state oath to me (I had already taken the federal oath when I joined the Reserve). Most everything is dead on chaplain4me, the one thing I found funny is when I joined there were 4 chaplains in my entire state. I was sent out to work with an actual battalion chaplain about 8 months in.(I had been assigned to the JFHQ before that) so I guess a lot changed between 2007 and now in the Army.


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              BTW as far as I know there is no such thing as a temporary commission. A commission is a commission. You have 6 years to finish seminary and accession, and you can leave anytime you want before or after that unless you accepted any tuition assistance or were ROTC etc.


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                so after jumping through hoops of fire i have finally being approved to go before the board to become a chaplain candidate - i noticed my packet said direct commission to O2E (im prior service) is this correct or a typo on my OSM side? i usually hear CC's only come in as O1

                thank you and any opinters on prepping for the board would be awesome....again, thanks


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                  I was actually reading the ARNG Chaplaincy newsletter this month and there was someone who accessed as an O2 new candidate....


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                    so after a year of paper work ping pong, i was finally comissioned on july 30th as an 2LT chaplain candidate through the direct comissioning program ..whew ..this is me and my mentor CH (CPT) Stephens


                    • Very good! Welcome to the Chaplain Corps. Start buying your uniforms, then prepare to buy more because they are changing soon. You'll enjoy CHBOLC. God bless.


                      • I have been looking for a chaplain candidate to ask questions too, looks like I may have finally found one. I am currently a first semester seminary student, at a SBC seminary. I have five years of prior service with the Marine Corps and an honorable discharge. If I am able to gain access into being a chaplain candidate, and I take tuition money, I understand that there is a four-year reserve commitment post-seminary, is this correct? Also, if there is a reserve commitment after seminary am I deployable during that time? I don't mind deploying, I only ask because technically, as I understand it, you're not a full-blown chaplain after you graduate seminary until you have your two years of experience and everything like that. And in a deployment you would technically be on active duty status wouldn't you? Also, if you are a chaplain candidate authors school do you still need two years of ministry experience to become an active-duty Chaplin after your studies? I could absolutely misunderstand this whole concept if so please correct me.


                        • Ok. So I am brand new to the board and to CA arng. Sorry to hijack the tread, but is it possible for me to convert from 09s to a chaplain candidate? I enlisted E4/SPC as an 09S but would really like to commission as a chaplain. I just finished BCT and have not begun RSPO yet or OCS. Thanks, Jon


                          • i know a few LT's to lateral transfer to CC and then fulfill the educational requirements on going . i recently commissioned as a CC in july /14