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  • Role of NGB

    I know I have seen a post on this before but nothing came up when I did a search? What is the role of the NGB in reviewing officers predetermination packets? What are they looking for? And is there a typical time frame on how long it takes them to review a individual packet?

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    They're looking for legal and regulatory compliance, as well as compliance with current policy. NGB is part of the Army or Air service's secretariat, and as such those offices review the actions of the States, and provide "federal recognition" of those actions after determining their appropriateness.

    WARNING: I have simplified and targeted this answer to your question. A full, legal, and historical answer would take pages.


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      I heard back fro the NGB and my predetermination packet was approved. So now onto the next hurdle. I was wondering though.... On the packet it says that that it was processed through the office of the Surgeon Generals technical consultant. Do the AMEDD packets get reviewed in the same fashion whether or not they are NGB or reserves? Or are there 2 72D consultants one for each branch that report to the Surgeon General of the Army?


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        They all must meet the same standards, and all must pass muster at TSG's office. Some of the steps between you and TSG may differ.