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College student with some questions

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  • College student with some questions

    Hello everyone,

    I'm not sure if this is the right board to be posting this type of question but here it is,

    I'm a Jr in college studying accounting. I want to do the 09s once i reach 90 credits (may 2014). My recruiter mentioned that timing of when i receive my 90 credits and when the latest I can go to BCT is very tight, I want to be back in time for my fall semester. He mentioned going enlisted now and put in my ocs packet at a later date. I want to do OCS now instead of enlisting, i feel like as time goes on I will never get the chance to do OCS if i go enlisted right now. The main reason that i want to do OCS is that since im able to do it, i might as well take that opportunity.

    My official ASVAB scores is a 71 and a 111 for the GT part, I took these 11/2013.

    What are everyone s opinions on this matter?

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    Under the "do as I say, not as I do" category, I recommend that if you want to be an officer, you take the officer route from the very beginning. Inertia is a powerful thing. That being said, OCS could be an option for quite some time, as the current commissioning age limit is (I believe) 42. Keep in mind requirements could change as the needs of the Army change.


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      Thank you, I'm now leaning towards go enlisted over ocs. The big reason is that I would receive the GI bill and the kicker due to my asvab scores. Also i was informed that since the ocs category has met its quota for the year, they are no longer offering the SLRP (student loan repayment program). This would be a major change to my plan. I'm going to have my packet sent in shortly and see what Mos' are open instead of going down the ocs route I believe.


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        The GI Bill is handy. That is one of the selling points the recruiter used with me, and I am grateful to have it. I just need to start using it...