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Questions about being/becoming a commissioned officer and PT

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  • Questions about being/becoming a commissioned officer and PT

    Hey, I have a set of questions about something I've been thinking about; namely the relationship between my current MOS (11B) and being commissioned officer. I'm in the army national guard, 88 asvab score, and I ship out May 12th (2014). I'm a sophomore enrolled in ROTC at the university I go to, and plan to contract this coming up fall. Here's my list of questions/concerns:

    I was informed that there's three types of officers after graduating from ROTC; intelligence, signal, and one more that I can't recall at the moment. 1) Would me being in 11B until I graduate college influence what kind of officer I may be in any way? I'm not really sure at all how it works.

    2) Would I still have 11B as my mos if I do become a commissioned officer? I know it depends on the needs of the army, but would I have a choice in whether to have another mos or staying?

    I don't have a problem with being in 11B; I've always had an interest in intelligence, using computer systems etc and wouldn't mind working in those areas.

    3) After I contract with ROTC will I drill with other ROTC contractees who are also in 11B? Or will my unit be composed of ROTC contractees with different kinds of MOS's?

    This is random, but I have a couple months until my ship date; 4) what kind(s) of push up/running/sit up workouts would anyone recommend? One friend in the AF reserves suggested I do 15 push ups every hour to increase my max (I do 30), another ex-army fella suggested I do 15 push ups, wait 2 minutes, 20push ups, 2min wait, 15, wait, and 15 again as a set every day. I haven't gotten any more-detailed running advice besides "do 2mile runs".

    My post ended off in randomness since I thought of them as I typed haha, but there they are.

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    Your enlisted career will have no impact on what you are branched and there's quite a few more branches then just three.

    As far as ROTC, have you talked to the PMS of the school you're attending?


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      What was your GT score on the ASVAB? You have to get at least a 110 to even be considered as an officer.

      Are your plans to pursue Active Duty or stay National Guard? This will have the biggest impact on what branches are available to you.

      For Active Duty, it's based on an Order of Merit List which is nationwide. For National Guard, it depends on what types of units/branches/slots are available within your particular state. Most states still have a very wide variety of branches available, but there are way more than three. Do a little googling and you can find more information on the basic branches.


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        I talked to a couple of the ROTC coordinators. They answered many of my questions but I didn't get an in depth answer for those questions. My GT score is a 121.