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Going to ROTC out of state while currently enlisted in the Guard

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  • Going to ROTC out of state while currently enlisted in the Guard

    I am currently an E-4 in a National Guard Infantry Unit. I am wanting to go to ROTC and start classes this upcoming summer. I have been in the Guard for almost 4 years now and still have 2 active drilling years left on my contract. I want to go to an out of State college though. I am needing to get out of my current town for personal reasons, and my family is all currently living in the State where the school is that I would like to attend and do ROTC at. The States are too far apart to be able to afford commuting for Drill weekends. Is there a way to be released from my enlisted contract in my current State by signing a contract with the ROTC program at the Univiersity I would like to attend? Guidance, advice, or instruction on this issue as soon as possible will be greatly appreciated as to the fact of needing to enroll in classes soon.
    Thank you.

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    The first thing you need to do is get with your readiness nco about getting a copy of the state transfer paperwork and start looking for a infantry unit that has slot open in the state you wish to move to.

    The second thing you need to do is get in contact with the ROTC program at the school you want to attend. let them know you're interested in enrolling into their program. i would talk with both their national guard liason and who ever is in charge of recruitment in the program. offer to send them a copy of your 214 and afpt score cards or anything else that makes you look good. In ROTC land PT scores and your GPA literally determines your future career in the army.

    If you are dead set on becoming an officer I would suggest re-upping your enlistment and see if there is bonus pay involved. There is a program inside rotc called the simultaneous membership program (SMP) thats exclusive for guard and reserve soldiers who want to go officer through rotc. The upside is that contracted smp cadets receive subsistence pay through rotc AND e-5 drill pay in addition to their GI bill. its a good chunk of cash. BUT you'll be required to shadow the officers at your unit during drills for your 3rd and 4th year of school. It sucks but the experience will help you immensely later on down the road.

    just because you are already in the guard doesn't mean you are required to stay in the guard as an officer either active duty is always an option