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Living on or off post at Rucker

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  • Living on or off post at Rucker

    Morning All,

    I'm slated to go down to Rucker sometime this summer. I've been looking at whether to live on or off post while I'm going through IERW training. Those of you who have gone through the training what did you end up doing? Was living off post an unnecessary burden to get to and from the flight line and formations? Thanks in advance.

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    Are you even on the housing list?


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      Btw, I am at Jackson and this place sure is relaxin lol


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        I don't believe so. I just got my class registration confirmation the other day. I'm just planning ahead to make sure I set myself up for success. Thanks for the reply.


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          Well, I just got to my school and there is a two months waiting list, so I moved off-post. So before you think of on-post as an option, get on the list and see how long is the wait because you might just have no choice but to live off-post.


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            I'm currently at Rucker and living on post. While giving up your full BAH is a pain, I have a 4 minute drive to the bus for the flightline. A lot of those living off post have a long way to drive. That being said, if you could get on post living in Bowden Terrace, go for it. Allen Heights, don't. That housing is much older. If you have any questions, add to my username and email away.


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              I concur with C5load. I guess it's convenience you pay for by giving up the full BAH but to me it's worth it.

              I live in Bowden Terrace with my wife and 2 kids, and we're 5 minutes away from just about everything. I have a bunch of AD LT friends who live off post and they're always complaining about the drive.

              There is plenty of housing, so there isn't really a housing list so to speak. Just call Corvias Military Housing down here and they can set you up. I actually drove down here a week prior to reporting (I live in-state anyway) and picked up the keys to my house the day I got on orders.