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What States are sending to AOCS

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  • What States are sending to AOCS

    Hello, I am currently Active Duty (enlisted) with about a year left in my contract, I have been contacting different recruiters ifrom East coast nquiring about going to AOCS. So far the only state I have received an answer is Florida with a no-go for AOCS. Is there a way other to find out what state/unit is willing to send me to AOCS in the first half of 2015? I am stationed in a remote location where none of the services offered in a regular post are available, so any imformation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. JG

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    You're not going to get that promise, each state has their own criteria for sending you to AOCS. The only way you'd get that promised to you is if the state did not run their own OCS program.


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      Thank you for your answer. That is kind of the problem that I am facing, since I have to be within 180 day to ETS before "I can talk" to a recruiter or the recruiter can do something for me (I understand the reason), I haven't been able to get any information at all if the state could send me or not so I was wondering if there is another way to get information to be able to decide.

      Thank you again


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        Typically, the State takes a few drills at Traditional OCS (i.e., one weekend per month), and then considers the volunteers for AOCS. That way, the cadre have some basis to judge whether the volunteers will pass the course. It does no one any good to send you and have you fail. It's better to walk to success than run to failure.

        Some Soldiers find this insulting, because they know that their own performance and capabilities far exceed success criteria. If that is indeed the case, then it will be apparent to the State OCS cadre.


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          Thank you for your answer, this gives me a light about what I have to do since through traditional OCS I won't be able to be commisioned before my 42nd birthday. I guess my option is start looking for units with open positions and eventually willing to send me to AOCS. Thank you again for your answers.


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            As I said, each state will have their own criteria for sending you to AOCS. When I attended OCS: age (candidates like you), long commute and employment conflicts were factors in sending a candidate to AOCS.