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Steps to Success...Army Aviation Officer

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  • Steps to Success...Army Aviation Officer


    I am currently working with an awesome local recruiter to ,hopefully, navigate and position me for a successful attempt at becoming an Army Aviation Officer. A short bio, I am 28 years old, married with two boys. I was entry level separated from the Air Force Reserve during SF tech school for "asthma" which I never had (which has already been granted waiver by the Army and no longer an issue). I finally graduate form college this semester after literally being on the 10 year plan. I am a fixed wing commercial pilot with over 2000 hours, I presently fly the Phenom 100 and 300 as a First Officer or SIC, and I am upgrading the the King Air 90 as a PIC in February. I am comfortable in my career field, and with the amount of hiring due to retirements, I expect I will have a great civilian career. Needless to say, nobody is twisting my arm to join the military again...this is something that I want for me and my family. However, I want to make sure that I am absolutely doing everything that I can to be an Aviation Officer and not branch anything else (I accept the fact that I may not branch Aviation no matter what I do, but I want to put forth the ultimate effort to hopefully ensure my success). From my contacts within the Army, much of it will depend on slots available, rank in OCS, and timing; my civilian experience, while valuable, doesn't mean a whole lot to the Army.

    I am hoping that there are some folks here with some experience to help me put my best foot forward. I want to make sure that there is nothing obvious that will hold me back from obtaining my goal, such as but not limited to, obtaining a Class 1A Flight Physical. I live and am applying in Texas.

    I look forward to reading about others experience. Thanks for your time!

    Happy Holidays!


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    Whilst Active Duty may not care about your civilian experience, that differs in the Guard. Many commanders like to have LTs or WOs who have civilian flight experience and I know many officers in my unit that have that experience, which ultimately helped them secure a slot with the unit. Yes, your Instructors at Flight School don't care though and like having "green" Soldiers so they are less likely to have bad flight habits.

    As you can read throughout these forums, there is absolutely no guarantee for AV through OCS. It's achievable yes, but it is highly state dependent and incumbent upon you to lay the groundwork yourself (i.e. SIFT/Physical/etc.) and to perform at the top of your class for branch selection.

    Some states allow you to obtain a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) prior to OCS with a unit. In that case you could get in contact with the local Aviation unit or the State Aviation Officer and express your interest, followed by a possible interview with the commander where you could sell yourself.

    But again, it's state dependent. An Officer Strength Manager could advise you better as to what your options are in Texas.


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      Hello bakeek, what you have been told is correct as I share the same ambition, yet I do not have your flight experience. I'm 30, so yes while enlisting as an O9S candidate later than most, I remain hopeful that I will also set myself up the best. I ship for basic in March 14' and doing a OSUT at Ft. Benning. It is dependent upon the state. In my situation, I have been informed that for the state I live in, that it is a requirement to be enlisted in the National Guard for at least a year prior to going before a flight board to attend flight school at Ft. Rucker. Before I ship, I am able to get a flight physical and take the SIFT test.

      My anniversary will be Dec. 30th 2014, leaving me with 6 months. Once I graduate OCS it looks like I will be able to be assigned to the aviation unit, granted branch cannot be guaranteed, but should everything work out , then I will be working with those who are on the flight board which is great because it will give them time to get to know me as I stated before for 6 months.

      I just thought I'd share my situation, and best of luck to you. Hopefully everything works out for the both of us and maybe we'll both be at Rucker in no time