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SMP Questions (2nd Bachelor's and SLRP)

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  • SMP Questions (2nd Bachelor's and SLRP)

    Good evening! I am a current undergraduate student in the state of Florida considering joining the national guard with a 6 year contract and eventually participating in the SMP. I have two questions.

    1. It is very likely that I will finish a bachelor's degree before I do this. I am pretty sure that you can do a master's degree on the SMP, but I do not know if you can do a second bachelor's degree on it. Is this possible?

    2. I know that there are certain benefits that carry a specific obligation to the National Guard after ROTC, such as state tuition assistance, and others that don't, such as federal tuition assistance. I am interested in competing for an active duty spot, so I would like to know if the Student Loan Repayment Program carries such an obligation (I know the program stops when you become an SMP cadet, but I would like to know if I can get the first X% of my loans cancelled in this fashion).

    Thank you for your time!

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    Your School's ROTC Recruiting/Scholarship Chair, State Officer Strength Manager, and NG Recruiter will have all the answers you seek. I promise they won't bite and will be happy to meet with you.
    ​If you don't get a good answer on here (doubtful because the MODS on here are amazing) please PM me and I'll do whatever I can to help you out.

    Below is all first hand experience within the last 12 months. Obviously with new rules and regs this is subject to have been changed. To the best of my knowledge, this is accurate information.

    Yes. As long as you are enrolled full-time you can be in ROTC (Undergrad or graduate level.) It takes two years to complete a ROTC commission. As long as you have a degree when commissioned, you are good. E.G. you can already have a degree, take non-degree classes, be enrolled in ROTC and still commission after completeing MSIII and MSIV. Again, the first sentence sill applies.

    What About OCS
    I have to ask and you should be thinking of this. Why do you want to do ROTC instead of OCS when you already have a degree?
    With ROTC will you be in it for 2 years. With OCS and a degree, you could go to Accelerated (8 Weeks) Federal (12 Weeks) or State (18 Months)

    ROTC does make sense
    If you are committed to going to school full time, ROTC isn't a bad idea. Contracting ROTC/SMP and staying National Guard will provide you with the Guard Scholarship awarding $8,000 per year, TA, GI bill, get a kicker, stipend, drill pay and more benefits,

    When you actually do go SMP, you will lose your MOS. Instead you become an officer shadow throughout drill.
    Since you lose your MOS, I suggest you enlist in a regular MOS of your choosing. But considering that you'll lose it anyway, a short AIT for an MOS in your desired future Officer Branch would be ideal in my opinion.

    Montgomery G.I. Bill​
    Enlisting as a 09S (OCS Enlistment Option) or 09R (ROTC Enlistment Option):
    Both of these only attend BCT and as such are NOT considered IADT. Making those options ineligible for the Montgomery G.I. Bill until after completion of BOLC.

    Get SLRP in ALL your contracts.
    SLRP doesn't cancel loans, every year you get paid the specified amount.You still have to make loan payments.
    SLRP Continues after ROTC Contract as you are a SMP.
    SLRP can continue after commission if you do not accept the commissioning bonus
    If you lose SLRP, the amount you've already received does not have to be paid back.

    To you specific question 'Guard SMP with SLRP = AD + SLRP?'
    Let me ask around on that one, I'll get back to you this week. My initial understanding is yes but, with the way Government finances are going these days, it is hard to say for certain.

    Soldiers can take up to 16 semester hours per fiscal year. TA can be used for a post-baccalaureate degree after completing 10 years of military service. If a Soldier earned a BA degree without using TA, then they do not need to wait 10 years to use TA for a post-baccalaureate degree.
    The cap of 130 semester hours for baccalaureate degree completion and 39 semester hours for a master's degree remains in effect. This coursework must be from the Soldier's approved degree plan in GoArmyEd

    TA cannot be used for a second, equivalent degree. For instance, if a Soldier has a master's degree, he or she can't use TA for a second master's degree.
    You will have to wait one year after AIT, to be eligible for TA.

    I hope this was helpful and hopefully you've gotten a taste of how the Guard Family works.

    PFC Weisenberger
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