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Rotc and Enlisting?

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  • Rotc and Enlisting?

    Hey Guys,

    First of all, i would like to Thank You for your time on looking over this topic!

    A little about about me is that, I am currently a full time college student on my Sophomore year with 42 credits and a compressed cadet in the ROTC program which i just joined this sept not contracted yet, after this Fall semester is over, i will be having 54 Credits after this semester is over and will be a MS2 next semester. Also i am not sure if they would be sending me to LTC on this upcoming summer.

    I really wanted to enlist into the NG which i already have planned when i 1st joined the ROTC, the reason why i haven't yet is because, i wanted to know all the facts or anything that i should look out for before locking in that contract, both from you guys and from my upper MS classmen.

    The reasons why i wanted to join the Guard is that, i really want to not depend on my parents in terms for for them paying my college tuition, instead they should enjoy that hard earned money and enjoy their lives. Next is, My Grandfather and Father was in the military and i have the Will to follow in their footsteps and continue the family tradition. Finally, My Philosophy is, I really want to learn as much as i can before moving up to the next level/chain.

    My Main question is:
    I wanted to Enlist and Attend BCT before I would go for LTC or being contracted and don't want to miss a semester of class, is this a crazy idea? Pros/Cons? Suggestions?
    Also, one of my friend that is enlisted also my classmate in ROTC said you can do SMP eventhou you are not contracted yet, but idk how will that work.Pros/Cons? Suggestions?

    Again Thank you and i really do Appreciate you time and effort for replying to this topic!

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    I believe what you're looking for and would be a good fit is the Split Training Option where you attend & complete BCT next summer. The benefits: You don't miss any schooling, do this in lieu of LTC and get paid for it. Another benefit is it will greatly increase your opportunity for an ROTC contract, either Active or GFRD.

    The only real Con is that if you don't contract you are required to attend AIT for your MOS the following summer. This is still not a terrible "Con" as you are eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill after completion of AIT. You can qualify for FTA and likely any State Tuition Assistance from the moment you join. In this case, for the upcoming Spring semester it's at least $4,500 of TA.

    Best of luck!!


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      As an enlisted soldier, I can tell you that we love officers who are prior enlisted. All of your comments lead me to believe that your head is in the right place and you have potential to be a good leader. I can not see any downside to attending BCT. At the least, you will have an experience you can share with the soldiers you will lead. Although this is highly debatable among soldiers, personally I believe it's good for an officer to have prior experience as an enlisted man. It will give you another side of your leadership psychology. Being multifaceted is a great trait for a leader.


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        Thanks a lot to the Both of you for the useful information!