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Slow Promotion to CPT

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  • Slow Promotion to CPT

    Still waiting for the FEDREC process to conclude (at 50 days) Is this timeline normal?

    DOR(1LT): NOV 08 2010
    Missed a board for CPT in AUG 2012 (am told by my unit that this is because one of my OERs was classified (S))
    Made the following board in FEB 2013 (somehow the Classified OER was fine)
    Received the promotion order from the WAARNG to CPT on 11 JULY 2013 (107 Days ago, 4 months after the board)
    For some reason my packet wasn't sent to the FED REC process until late AUG 2013 (six months after the board, over one month after the state promotion order)

    My Guard unit tells me that the classified OER I received while on CO-ADOS orders is the reason for the delay. Even though I'm an MI Officer, I'm told that I cannot have classified OERs.

    Is there anything I can do about this? is this normal? My peers have already been promoted.

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    Probably not a lot that you can do at this point but sit back and wait. I think my Fed Rec took 90 - 100 days back in 2010 when I pinned CPT. Best of luck to you, hang in there.


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      With the Furloughs and Sequester, it could take longer. My 2LT to 1LT took 4 months and it should have been a rubber stamp.


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        My OCS class is waiting on our 1LT. We hit 18 months 15 March.

        Portee - Did you get back pay? TIG backdated?


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          Still waiting on my O-2.....


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            My TIG to make 1LT was in Feb. My fed rec cleared in April, so it took mine about 6 or 7 weeks. I got back pay for Feb and March drills too. Guess I got lucky.


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              If you read the FEDREC page, it describes the entire process to include the 120 day process. I don't understand the delay from your state as mine was sent up about two weeks after my BN sent it.