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ROTC! What Are The Odds In My Case - Critiques Welcome!

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  • ROTC! What Are The Odds In My Case - Critiques Welcome!

    Good day guys

    It'd be nice to have experienced opinions even when this is the National Guard forum, still valuable if it comes this! I'm leaning towards
    ROTC so I can immerse myself into officer leadership/Army training and at the same time take advantage of the 'ok' benefits
    for graduating with a master degree en 2 concentrations.

    So as usual I've kept dropping significant weights to be ready for BCT as an SMP with NG or Reserves + the questions!

    Possibility of the below ROTC cadet getting a slot for active duty with this ROTC resume...

    ROTC Resume: (Note: This is a projection based on where I stand now)
    - Education: MBA In Finance & Project Management, GPA: 3.0 for both concentrations
    - 33 years old (time of commissioning)
    - APFT Score: 270
    - ROTC On-Campus Results: Average/ Acceptable (just being as realistic as possible)
    - Multilingual/Fluency: Spanish, Italian, English (Camp Darby/ eyes are glued..anywhere overseas would be awesome)
    - Airborne Qualified/Air Assault Qualified (Needs of the Army, right? I'd prefer Sapper School and being again at VT preferably at winter for Mountain Warfare schooling than these schools)
    - Desired Branch: Corps of Engineers (let the wiser guys get MI, Aviation, Infantry..yes! TS Clearance just unlikely and MI/Aviation are just not that ideal for me long term)
    - Other details: Minor traffic tickets resolved, mortgage short sale in credit history in 2014 (nobody single needs to pay $1,403 per month total these days for a bad investment)
    - Only 8 slots for ROTC Puerto Rico from a class of 30. 3 commissioned candidates have master degrees, 70% had 269 and below in APFT, I am the only fluent in 3 languages

    Yes this is the National Guard forum, but lots of talent and experienced folks here. Opinions appreciated. Highly enthusiastic about preparations and always having options to have more options, active duty being another extra perk to choose as an ROTC graduate.

    Having 2013 realities and budget cuts in mind for the Army, do you believe I'd be a top choice for active duty Army officer for ANY branch?

    What would you recommend I add to the above resume or highly consider if I want active duty 2 years from now?

    I've no kids and I am happily single, so I've quite enough room for extras if it'd be an A+ on my end. I've an Arabic-Egyptian friend that can assist with fluency in a 4th language, so thinking Arabic on my end right now as my Italian fluency will be quite good by end of this year. My main interest is Corps of Engineers be it National Guard or active duty if 2 years from now things drastically change on my end. I'm just evaluating my options and as always getting better on my end as I'd like to keep single (hoping for it!) for a couple more years.

    If you can be as comprehensive as possible, that'll be quite nice and appreciated..

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    Re: ROTC! What Are The Odds In My Case - Critiques Welcome!

    The bare minimum's to get into ROTC are -
    A) 2.5 GPA
    B) a 180 on the APFT
    C) Be able to obtain a "Secret" clearance
    D) at least 2 years left of college *if* you have already been to BCT; at least 3 years for *new to Army* cadets (most school will allow you to do your MSI/II year concurrently if you are high speed or they'll send you to LTC to knock out the MSI/II requirement).

    Now, each school is able to set their own standards due to the high interest in ROTC. There is a lot of competition for not a whole lot of slots. If you went to any school worth a dang with a 180 APFT and 2.5 GPA, you would not be getting in. For example, at my school's program, anything under 250 APFT and 3.0 GPA was highly suspect.

    If you want to go Active Duty, you'll need to bring your "A" game. 270+ and 3.5 or higher will *probably* get you Active but not much choice in what you do. To give you an idea, my graduate GPA school was 4.0 and I had a 279 APFT. I could have gotten Active Duty (and I did.. but turned it down) but maybe only my 2nd or 3rd branch choice and I could have hoped to ADSO for a base as that would have been my only way to get choice of base. Instead, I stayed NG and was able to get MI.

    33 is pushing it since you don't have prior service time and I don't think you qualify. Waivers are available but you need to speak with the cadre. Airborne and Air Assault are common enough but again, only for the rockstars. There are other schools, CULP and a few other summer programs that are also available.

    Everything else you stated is nothing but fluff when it comes to ROTC. Speaking 5 different languages is nice and helpful, but they have no bearing on branching or accessions. Those skills would however, play a vital role if you were to enlist. They would serve you very well as a 35M or 09L. If you are pitting yourself against a specific school, its ok to see how you stand against everyone else... but ultimately, the national OML is what you have to look at.

    Just based on what you said, a 3.0 GPA and 270 would barely, if at all, get you an Active Duty slot. Your best chance to secure an Engineering slot would be to major in an Engineering degree program. Sapper is not going to happen in the program and you'll have to try for that once at your unit.