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Doing National guard and SMP Along with a part time job?

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  • Doing National guard and SMP Along with a part time job?

    Hello everyone, i am posting here today because i am really sticky about my plan, i have been wanting to be in the U.S. Army ever since i could remember, i did 4 year's of high school JROTC, and have fell in love with the military ever since, only problem holding me back is my weight i need to loose 10lbs in order to be under the weight requirement's but that's okay, i'm working on it, and i also need to work on my ASVAB Score i need at least a 50 To pass,last time i took it i got a 35, but that's all taken care of aswell as i have been studying out of the ASVAB For dummies book alot. I currently just got hired for Statefarm as a bilingual customer service rep and i am getting paid $14.15 an hour, Statefarm is REALLY Supportive and respect all of their employees that are in the Military, i plan on staying with statefarm for a while since well the pay is Great, it's only a part time job as i will only be working 4 days a week 30 hrs a week, i love it but i don't wanna forget about joining the military as i have always wanted to do so, so i'm enlisting in the National Guard in December, i am really interested in doing the Simultaneous membership program, where as the Army will pay for me to do ROTC At my university (ASU) ,Now my question is does anyone think i can handle doing ROTC along w/ pursuing my bachelors degree (either in criminal justice or business) & Being in the Guard at the Same time along with working part time with state farm, up until i can graduate and commission into the U.S. Army Active Duty, i know i am going to get alot of responses telling me to stay at StateFarm forever, but i really don't see myself making a career out of it, i see myself being an Officer as i have always dreamed of, thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this and replying!

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    Re: Doing National guard and SMP Along with a part time job?

    OP.... If you are wanting to pursue an officer commission, I have a couple of suggestions for you that you may/may not like/want to hear.

    A) Work on your education. You post is painful to read due to the spelling, grammatical errors and the 9 line run-on sentence. In addition, a 35 or even 50 on the ASVAB is not going to get you into any officer producing program. You have to have a 110 GT on the test to apply for OCS. You have to have a 2.5 in college to be in the ROTC program.

    B) Learn your options. SMP is designed for college students who want to take a dedicated path to the NG as an officer. It allows them to drill as a cadet, get paid and learn how to be an officer in the NG. Couple of points though that need to be clarified for you. You do not enlist as a SMP. To get SMP, you have to be enrolled in college first, be in ROTC and be *contracted* with ROTC before you can sign an SMP contract.

    C) Can you do all three (F/T college, ROTC and work) and be successful? Yes, you can. It will be very hard on your time and if your grades begin to suffer, you'll have to drop the job but yes.