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Will I need a good credit score for ROTC?

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  • Will I need a good credit score for ROTC?

    I'm transferring to a 4 year university as a junior, I'm prior service so I only have to do two years of ROTC. When I first joined the Guard I picked an MOS that required a TS clearance. Long story short I didn't get the clearance, I wasn't denied the clearance. There was a clause in my enlistment contract basically stating if I can't be MOS qualified within 24 months of enlisting I won't get the MOS I signed up for. The investigation dragged over the course of those 24 months (probably because of a divorce and foreclosure in the past.) My credit score was very jacked up at the time. It's been 4 years since I enlisted in the guard, since then I rec-classed into infantry.

    My credit score is currently in the 650's, I'm in the process of cleaning it up for my 2nd attempt at a clearance upon finishing ROTC. My question is, do I need good credit for ROTC? Is this something ROTC takes into consideration since I need good credit for my clearance? I finish school in two years, this gives me plenty of time to delete my foreclosure and clean up my credit.


    I'm also considering accelerated OCS. I emailed my state's OSM with some questions. He replied back in one sentence, "POSs are in the cc line." Pardon my ignorance but what the heck is a POS?? I tried to google "military POS" and it gave me 233 answers.

    Thanks all

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    Re: Will I need a good credit score for ROTC?

    Many threads have already discussed this. This time around, you will just require a Secret clearance versus a TS clearance; so you should be ok. The e-mail should of read POCs for point(s) of contact(s). POS in military lingo is when we refer to a Soldier as a piece of shi". lol
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