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    Hey All,

    As the resident old fella, I'm 32 - could anyone give insight into the distinct differences as an O9S candidate for the NG or AR. I'm not looking for a bashing ceremony between the two, rather some objective criteria to help my decision easier when MEPS arrives... Noting the NG is larger than the AR and some combat positions are less likely within the AR:

    Do NG promotions happen much slower than AR?
    Does branching via OCS vary within the specific branches assuming my AFPT scores are the same for either?
    Is SLRP the only financial incentive offered for generic O9S applicants (ie non specialty like medical, chaplain, or JAG)?

    I'm preparing for MEPS now with the NG and feel ready to push forward to BCT/OCS, just checking my options to ensure the personal research has been thorough enough.

    Thanks for the help...

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    Re: Options

    NG has the Traditional State OCS which means you will drill for 18 months and attend 2 OCS ATs. AR goes to FT Benning with the AD candidates.... meaning, you will commission a lot faster with AR*

    Promotions are based on TIG/TIS and slot availability across both components. It's really branch determined.

    Yes on SLRP. If you need it, make dang sure you get it in your contract.

    *Unless you somehow score a Federal OCS slot with the NG. Not unheard of, but very difficult to get normally. Same with State AOCS, but perhaps easier to accomplish.