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  • Jumping In

    Hey All,

    This is a great site with tons of useful information. It would be really helpful to share any experiences/connect with other candidates in similar life/work phases. Having a full-time civilian career and preparing to leave my family for the duration of BCT/OCS does require a lot of coordination. My local North Carolina NG recruiter has been very solid thus far, but my O9S application will be his first. He is checking to see if the SLRP or OAB are available as possible incentives. Since I'll be pausing my teaching job for an extended period of time, it's imperative that all my ducks are in row - check/recheck, etc. The fact I'm over 30 has my students calling me an "old man candidate."

    I'm hoping to head to BCT this fall (Sept/Oct) assuming MEPS goes smoothly. Are there any FY 2014 Federal OCS dates available yet? My application is probably typical of most older O9S candidates, masters degree in hand and 10+ years field experience. My vitals include ASVAB (AFQT-89, GT-126) & AFPT (260 - diagnostic, no official score yet). Branching interests include: MI, MP, Signal, Armor, Infantry - I know the AFPT score has to jump to be uber competitive... Just to clarify, O9S candidates enter BCT as an E4 and OCS as E5 for financial concerns?

    Thanks for your thoughts and advice. It's been an exciting journey so far!

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    Re: Jumping In

    I'll speak from my experience as a FOCS graduate:

    -Yes, E4 pay at BCT, E5 pay at OCS
    -Keep in mind that after BCT and whatever OCS program you go to, you'll also have to attend BOLC, another 4+ month resident course. Unless you luck out and get scheduled for it in the summer, it will interfere with your job.
    -Sept is a great time to start BCT/OCS, that's when I went. You miss the brunt of the summer and get to go thru OCS during Benning's cool, but not freezing, winter. Try to get BCT at Benning too. It will make you life easier when transitioning to OCS.
    -Get that 260 APFT up. That will likely put you toward the back of the pack physically at OCS. Not saying it's bad, but the majority will be 285+. PT at BCT will be a crapshoot, I wouldn't count on it increasing your score (or fitness for that matter) very much.


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      Re: Jumping In

      Benning can get surprisingly cold over the winter. But I would still take it over the summer!


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        Re: Jumping In

        You should really talk to your state's OSM to see if you can even get Federal OCS. Federal OCS for NG candidates is fairly rare. He would also be the person to ask about what branches are available and how your state conducts branching.


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          Re: Jumping In

          How influential is the APFT? Are passing scores--60 in each category for 180 total--unacceptable? I'm looking at enlisting as an O9S, but have a lot of physical training to continue. I'm okay at the push-ups and sit-ups (70 and 61 respectively), but have a LONG way to go to get my run to a 80+ (58 right now).
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            Re: Jumping In

            Originally posted by jrs82 View Post
            How influential is the APFT? Are passing scores--60 in each category for 180 total--unacceptable?
            You lead by example, and barely meeting the minimum does not set a good example. Aside from that, there are other tangible benefits to having a high PT score, ie better OERs (officer evaluations), better chance at attending desirable schools, reduced chance of injury during training, etc.

            In my unit officers are expected to get at least a 280. With hard work this is very attainable.