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National Guard Reserves to Active Duty??HELP

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  • National Guard Reserves to Active Duty??HELP

    I have a few questions. I will be joining the National Guard in about a week. Once Im finished with my training and I return home. If I do ROTC at my school and do the SMP program can I go active or would that be a problem because Im National Guard? Or would it be easier to just do Army Reserves and from there do SMP and go active after college?

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    Re: National Guard Reserves to Active Duty??HELP

    Why SMP if you're intent is to go Active Duty?


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      Re: National Guard Reserves to Active Duty??HELP

      Let me clarify a bit.... apparently, I was vague.

      In order to SMP, a cadet has to be on a GRFD or DEDNG scholarship OR be a non-scholarship cadet. Once a cadet signs up for the Regular ROTC scholarship (which puts them in the OML mix) they can not do SMP.

      Now the kicker is this (and many people don't realize this b/c they don't read the fine print) - if, as a non-scholarship cadet, you take any of your state's NG education benefits, you incur an MSO with that state's NG. Is this true in all 50 states? I don't know, but I suspect it is more common than not. It is that way in Texas and a few others that I know.

      "Ok, LT... I just won't tell my school and when I get assessed, it'll override it" Not so fast. By signing the e-form to take your state's TA, that little file gets uploaded and sent to your school's veteran's benefits office and then, in turn, to your ROTC program. And in this state, you are put in for NG on the OML as your choice.

      So, choose wisely your path all you aspiring cadets...


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        Re: National Guard Reserves to Active Duty??HELP

        For guidance in addition to what you've already read, look at the link in my signature block. The key point is not to take incentives for which you incur an obligation that you do not wish to serve.