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Questions about OCS

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  • Questions about OCS

    I have a 4 year degree and plan on going to OCS. Wondering if I still go to AIT afterwards or?

    Also, I would like more information regarding working full time for the national guard? I'm assuming I still choose an mos and get trained after OCS? Are there certain mos's that could get me a full time job working for the NG as opposed to others. I'm a female so I'm considering 94f as my mos.


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    Re: Questions about OCS

    AIT is for enlisted soldiers, if you go OCS there is no AIT for you.

    Full time gigs are hard to come by.

    94F is an enlisted MOS, if you are good with computers, when you complete OCS, you could consider branching Signal.
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      Re: Questions about OCS

      After OCS you would go to BOLC, which is kind of like AIT for officers. You don't get to choose a specific MOS as an officer. You choose a branch (MI, Signal, Transprotation, Infantry, etc.). Actually, depending on your state, you may not even get to "choose" your branch. The state may branch you based on its needs and your performance during OCS.

      Full time officer slots are few and very competitive when they do come up. If you want a gauranteed full time position, go active duty.