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  • Accelerate OCS Alabama

    If you are slated to go traditional due to state budget or not enough slots I there a way you could go accelerate while you are at phase 1? I hear some AOCS candidates decided to drop or switch over to traditional could someone just take there slot?

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    Re: Accelerate OCS Alabama

    It all depends on your state.

    While budget is part of the equation, IMHO most of it has to do with how your state's RTI cadre has evaluated you before you left. From personal experience, the cadre at AMA will start asking at the end of Phase I if anyone wants to stay and give it a go. They will then contact your state and see if it is feasible or if they will let you stay. I'd say it was about 50/50 for those I saw attempt it. No one from my state even bothered because they had such stringent criteria for selecting AOCS candidates in the first place so we didn't think our commander was going to just let us stay (only 3 of 26 that we sent to Phase I were Acclerated, 2 graduated).

    Anyway the short answer is yes, you may get the opportunity. Make a strong impression with your cadre before you ship to Phase I and it might take you a long way.