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    Im writing this question to ask if anyone knows how to acquire a waiver to receive a commission if no waiver is provide in AR 135-1.

    I have a unique situation, so please try to understand my situation. I'm 27 years old and am currently an enlisted member in IL ARNG, waiting to put in E5 in a few month. I already participated in ROTC when i was pursuing my BA, and was enrolled in OCS after i reenlisted in the guard, but was dropped from it after being told that no waiver exists to allow me to commission. I'm a prior service Air Force and was discharged in July 2007 with General under Honorable, RE code 2B, separation code JKN - Misconduct, minor disciplinary infractions, and narrative reason states only Misconduct. I served for 3 years and 8 moth, since I was 17 till 21. Even so my separation states misconduct, i never received Article 15, or any other punishments, and no civilian conviction. My discharged was based on a pile up of LOC and LOR over 3 year period, for minor disciplinary stuff, most on off duty time, unrelated to mission and work. Just to name a few, it was one speeding ticket, smoking (cigarettes) in the dorms, having a decorative knife in the dorms, being once late to morning pt, and so on, the last being an LOR for physical altercation, for which i still have testimonies stating that i was attacked by another drunk individual without provoking him who had a history of violent behavior and got kicked out for prior fighting like a week after incident involving me. But to cut a long story short, i got kicked not so much for what i did but for how i reacted to it, my first Sargent didn't have a warm feelings toward me, and neither did I towards him, so i just told him that i want to get out, paperwork was filed and I was discharged. There were other options for me to be separated such as under force shaping or in order to continue education, since i was over my 3 year mark, but my unit didn't want to make it that easy. I didnt fought my discharge hardly at all and just took what they gave me, only later finding out how much hassle i will have to go through because of it.

    After i got out, i went to school, and enrolled into ROTC but had to drop out since i could not go back in with my RE code. After i graduated i got a waiver to reenlist into guard and enlisted in February 2011. When I reenlisted i was told that my previous discharge would not be in play, and i would be able to commission through OCS after my commander recommends me for it. So i got my commanders recommendation and was enrolled in OCS, only to be dropped again, because of my prior discharge. According to what i was told i can not commission because i received a discharge for misconduct, even so there is nothing banning from serving as enlisted in any branch either active or reserve.