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  • 11B mos + smp

    Im 21 years old and am about to join the Guard. I'm a college kid with a 3.8 GPA through 60 college credits (accounting/finance major). About a month before starting my Junior year I was told I was on my own to pay for the rest of my education. I immediately took a one-year "leave of absence" and looked to ROTC... then was eventually introduced to the Guard and fell in love. I already get a lot of aid through my state school so the money I get from the guard will allow me to finish no problem. I was just wondering about my best bet as far as an MOS.

    I want to finish school as soon as possible and eventually join the workforce, but I also want to take full advantage of the Guard while I finish school and some time thereafter. I'm set on going back for the Fall semester, so we're looking at 7 months to get this all done: I was thinking about taking an 11B MOS and possibly even going Airborne. I basically want to kick as much ass as possible until I eventually go back to school and SMP with the ROTC unit. I am told that after I SMP I will still be Infantry, but during drill I will instead be shadowing an officer (which is still pretty cool). After I graduate ROTC I can continue this MOS or settle down and take the desk job. Either way, I eventually want to become an officer.

    Am I right about most or all of this? What do you guys recommend?

    My GPA/Major may make me sound like a nerd, but don't get me wrong. I'm a former wrestler and 1st team all state linebacker, so I do enjoy kicking ass. Who knows, I may get overwhelmed in this whole thing and say screw the desk job, but only time will tell.

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    Re: 11B mos + smp

    My response here: