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  • ROTC/SMP program

    So I am currently with a unit and go to my unit for the first time on thurs to check it out. SO I already been through basic, ait, airborne. But once I enlisted I never thought bout bieng a officer or seeing the programs they offered. I just wanted to be a soldier. But as I went through my training esp airborne I saw and my perspective changed on wanting to become an officer. I already have 74 credits so I would be considered as a jr this fall. My question is. What would happen to my gi bill 1606, TA, Kicker, the money I would recieve for attending school? I know rotc offfers there own contract, and stipend and what not. Its tough cuz I want to work my way up to an NCO, but the same time I want to commision as a officer. Just trying to get an insight and opinions on my issue. Along with what anyone else would like to share with me.And to add, as of yesterday I sumbited my forms to the va. And all the ?s they asked me about rotc, I said no cuz I wasnt attending or going to rotc. But today when I visited the ROTC program at my school, they said that didnt matter, that I would just need make sure that I want to comission and they wanted to see one of my forms and then they will go from there

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    Re: ROTC/SMP program

    I've actually posted a sticky under "Benefits" that answers your questions about your benefits:

    If you have any further questions about becoming an Officer, I would recommend taking a look around the Forums. There's a lot of experienced Officers on here that have shared their perspective. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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      Re: ROTC/SMP program

      From my own experience with SMP, I was receiving: Drill pay, GI Bill, Kicker (make sure it's in your contract), and ROTC stipend. Because you are National Guard, you can contract as a non-scholarship cadet and still receive your GI bill and kicker benefits along with the ROTC stipend. You will have to re-apply for GI bill benefits every semester or fiscal year, I can't remember. For TA and National Guard questions about SMP, most schools have National Guard liasons. Also, since you are a junior, you would have to contract this year to be commissioned through ROTC.

      TA goes straight to the school (well after payment is due) so I had to fight with the business office every semester to make sure they wouldn't drop my classes due to non-payment.

      Be careful not to accept any ROTC scholarship benefits. I won a $500 scholarship from our ROTC alumni association during my senior year and had my GI bill benefits disapproved, even though I was a non-scholarship cadet. I am currently still dealing with the appeal process.