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ROTC/SMP vs. OCS for future graduate student

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    Re: ROTC/SMP vs. OCS for future graduate student

    Originally posted by PirateFace View Post
    The bolded line is the part that's bothering me - it seems like it would either be completely impossible for me to do ROTC at some schools and very possible at others, and I'm not sure how to tell which is which.

    I appreciate the candor of your post. Two questions: (1) Would choosing infantry (or anything else) as an enlisted MOS have great weight on my eventual officer assignment? (2) Who would be the best person to speak to honestly about whether or not Accelerated/Federal OCS would be available in my state?

    Well to be fair, you weren't wrong - I just happen to know that I can't pass a flight physical, I've had eye issues since I was a kid and I'm not sure they could be waivered even if I had surgery. Officer strength is something I hadn't thought of. Would it be out of line to contact the OSM for Connecticut and ask where people are needed before I am officially applying/joining?
    1. Enlisting as an 11 series would better prepare you for ROTC/OCS than other MOSs in my opinion. However, any person who is in shape and is not retarded will be able to successfully complete OCS.
    2. OCS Company Commander may be the person that makes the decision whether you go to AOCS. If not, he/she can point you in the right direction.