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Considering Becoming an Officer in the National Guard(Dual-Military Couple)

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  • Considering Becoming an Officer in the National Guard(Dual-Military Couple)

    Ok quick rundown. I have been wanting to joint he military as an officer for year's however I was not making much progress on my degree and I was(still am) very much over weight, so I agreed to let my wife(who wanted medical training) signing a full time enlistment with the Army. She is currently in BCT at Fort Sill. However her swearing in, actually pushed(embarrassed?) me into getting my act together. So I will be graduating this December with a B.S., and my weight is down 83 pounds so far this year(with 65 more to go) I want to be in combat arms, so the two options I'm considering signing up for after graduation are officer in the Army National Guard, or enlisted reserves in the Army. I will be contacting a recruiter when I am within 25 pounds of weight regulation. In the mean time I have a few questions I seem to find little or conflicting info on.

    1. What complications am I likely to run into when trying to become an officer in the National Guard considering my wife is already active duty Army and an enlisted soldier not an officer?

    2. What complications are we likely to run into considering we have two children already?(This is the reason a full time position is not being considered right now) Having two children did not require a waiver from the army when she enlisted.

    3. What is the minimum time after completion of BLOCK B training that I will be required to service in the National Guard? I plan to switch to active duty after my wife's 5 year enlistment is up.

    4. I am very interested in taking either Federal OCS or the 9 Weeks OCS options instead of the state traditional. What steps should I take to trying to get into these programs?

    Their are a lot more questions, but these 4 are my biggest concern right now. Thanks you for any help.

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    Re: Considering Becoming an Officer in the National Guard(Dual-Military Couple)

    To answer your questions in order:

    1. There are no complications from a standpoint of “fraternization”. Fraternization regulations do not apply to married couples.

    2. You will require a dependency waiver to enlist either active or reserve.

    3. Your obligation in the National Guard starts essentially the month you enlist. The Army National Guard is the “sending” component allowing you to attend OCS, BOLC (Basic Officer Leaders Course) and any other school.

    Part 2: You CAN NOT go active duty in the traditional sense (not at least as an officer) if you accept a reserve commission in the National Guard. It has always been a long shot even in the best of times, but if you hadn’t been made aware, there is a huge draw down affecting the active component…It is now virtually impossible unless you have some extremely special skill set the Army has a critical shortage in. (This is not realistic in any normal sense).

    However, you CAN attempt to go active duty NOW and ignore the Guard altogether. It would still require a dependency waiver and a very specific family care plan.

    4. Both Federal OCS at Benning and Accelerated OCS at various locations around the country are available to essentially all Officer Candidate applicants.


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      Re: Considering Becoming an Officer in the National Guard(Dual-Military Couple)

      Thank you that helped a lot. In the case of not being able to switch to the Active duty Army after my National Guard commitment, that has helped me rule out the guard at this time, and simply look into options with the Army.