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Potential conflict with 09S program?

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  • Potential conflict with 09S program?

    I'm looking forward to dropping a 09S packet at the end of my 11 year enlistment on active duty this fall. What potential hurdles will I have with the program if I was to contract overseas? I understand the traditional program is 18 months, how open is NG with this? Would it be worth starting the contracting overseas after I complete the program? I figure I'm going to have to maneuver around certain timelines to make both work or just wait till my commission is complete. (if I get selected of course.) What is everyones feelings on this? I have my 90 day window meeting with the RCCC scheduled for June. What questions should I ask regarding the program? My state of residence will be Texas.

    I really want to continue to serve my country. Any information or advice I would be most thankful for.

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    Re: Potential conflict with 09S program?


    Let me make sure I understand your situation correctly. You have served for 11 years on active duty and are soon to ETS with the hopes to pursue two career goals. 1. Work full time as a contractor overseas (KBR, Blackwater et al.) AND 2. Continue your enlistment into the Texas National Guard with the hopes of commissioning via through one of the three OCS school types.

    The answer to your first question seems self evident. That is, “What potential hurdles will I have with the program if I was to contract overseas?” Unless I am misunderstanding, ability to physically attend would seem to me to be a temporarily game ending hurdle.

    Your next question is, “I understand the traditional program is 18 months, how open is the NG with this?” Open to what? It’s not a flexible program insofar that 100% attendance is mandatory.

    Honestly, if your intent is to work with a lucrative contracting company (I don’t blame you, many of our peers have done it) overseas, I wouldn’t think that reserve military service will be an option for you until you are done with your contract employment. I would consider a transfer into the IRR until such time you are living in Texas and ready to serve again. I can’t see any reasonable way these two goals can work simultaneously. Even if someone on the forums HAS round about way to creatively “split train” for traditional UTAs, you have no business leading a platoon or company remotely.

    Perhaps you can outline your timeline a little clearer and people can make a better assessment for you.


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      Re: Potential conflict with 09S program?

      Correct. My intentions are to contract while working towards a commission through the 09S program. I figured attendance would have been a problem. I didn't know if candidates were allowed to make these days up during the off cycle.

      I have a few friends who are currently contracting while serving in the TNG and wasn't sure if this was allowed for officers or 09S candidates. It seems I have very limited information. I have an appointment setup with the RCCC in June, hopefully he can outline what is expected. I'd imagine there is some leeway to be able for soldiers to pay the bills.

      I agree with your assessment about being overseas and leading a PLT or CO. The contracting is just a means to an end and I do not plan on making it a career.

      Thanks for the help.