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Becoming an Officer and Past Medical History/Waivers

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  • Becoming an Officer and Past Medical History/Waivers

    Greetings everyone,

    I have a question regarding the possibility of becoming an Army Officer for someone who received a medical waiver upon enlistment in the Guard. Is it possible for me to contract with ROTC or apply for OCS if I had to get a waiver for a heart condition to enlist?

    From what I understand, the Officer medical standards are determined by DoDMERB, which are different than the enlisted side standards. If my waiver was approved by the NGB, am I good to go? Or would I need to go through the waiver process over again to commission?

    I have not enrolled in my college courses yet, but ROTC is available at my school and I am very interested in becoming an Officer, either through the SMP Program or contracting as an Active Duty Officer.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Becoming an Officer and Past Medical History/Waivers

    I'm only replying because no one else has managed to put anything up for 2 weeks. This is only my basic understanding and you should contact the accessions officer at your local ROTC and States OSM.

    To commission you need to AGAIN meet the requirements of a Chapter 2 physical. (When people use the term Chapter 2 physical, they are referencing AR 40-501 Standards of Medical Fitness; Chapter 2 (Physical Standards for Enlistment, Appointment or Induction). MEPS is the most common route to receive a physical that meets Chapter 2 standards. Although I believe a physical is done for ROTC Cadets during LDAC and a DD Form 2808 and 2807 are filled out by the physician there. (Someone correct me if I'm mistaken on that.) Either way, when you enlisted you PASSED a Chapter 2 physical, you simply had a waiver able pre-existing medical condition. That once waiverable medical condition will need to be reviewed AGAIN under current Chapter 2 standards at the time of your "Commissioning" physical. Typically within months (max 24?) of your commissioning date.


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      Re: Becoming an Officer and Past Medical History/Waivers

      I didn't get a physical at LDAC. I took a commissioning physical last weekend at the same location my unit does PHAs, though.

      You'll do a pre-contracting physical, and as long as you pass that and nothing changes between then and when you commission, you should be good to go. They'll find any issues there and let you know, from what I understand.