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  • Officer or Warrant officer

    I am currently a freshman in college, and I'm interested in becoming a WO or commissioned Officer in the SC ARNG. I know I don't get to choose my MOS like enlisted soldiers, but I am mainly interested in Armor, Aviation or Combat Engineer. However, I am not positive if SC has all of these MOS options, but I think they might (218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, 122nd Engineer Company, and 59th Aviation Troop Command). I just have several questions about becoming an officer in one of these MOSs. I also plan to pursue a civilian career or go to Med school, would this lessen my chances?

    Time requirements for training? (BCT, OCS/WOCS, BOLC)

    What are these jobs like on drill weekends?

    Do they require a lot of time besides the 1 weekend & 2 weeks a year?

    What are the chances of going to hi-speed schools? (AA, Airborne, Sapper, Pre-Ranger)

    Does anyone know the re****tion of the SC ARNG?

    Thanks for your replies!

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    Re: Officer or Warrant officer

    Start by searching the forums, I think you'll find some interesting threads (recent) on time commitment for officers. SC has all three of the MOS you mention, with maybe the exception of Armor. There are still tanks staged at MTC, so there are probably still armor units in the state.

    Time requirements - BOLC varies based on MOS, and OCS varies based on whether or not you go accelerated or traditional through the state. Someone else can give you more specific dates on BCT/OCS. Since you're in college, have you considered ROTC?

    What are these jobs like on drill - it depends on what training is being done. You could be doing paper work and taking inventories of stuff at the armory, or on a range/ftx/stx.

    Time outside of drill - Yes; reference the other threads in this forum.

    High Speed Schools? Lol...not happening in SC with the current budget situation.

    Re****tion of the SCARNG? What are you really asking? Re****tion of the guard units from state to state varies, but in the end your performance is all that will matter.

    The state has a heavy Engineer presence - two battalions (178th EN BN, and 122 EN BN), so you have opportunities for experience in all aspects of military engineering. The battalions have Sapper Companies, MACs, Bridging Companies, Construction Companies (horizontal and vertical) and there is a Route Clearance Company too. My point is that there is a lot of opportunity for Engineer Officers in SC.


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      Re: Officer or Warrant officer

      To be a warrant officer you have to have several years experience in a particular MOS to then apply for WO in that particular field. So its not an easy process nor is it a quick process to become a WO. The exception to this is aviation warrant officers.

      You should consider ROTC while you are in college. You could possibly get opportunities to attend some cool guy schools through ROTC. In the NG hooah schools are pretty hard to come by for many units. Most soldiers are lucky if they get an opportunity to attend even just one hooah school in the span of their career.