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Turned 40 it too late for me?

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  • Turned 40 it too late for me?

    I have always had a desire to lead and currently in OCS Phase 0. The drills are not difficult but I have to be honest the body just doesn't recover as quickly as these 20 something year olds do. I know that physically this is a demanding course and certainly my age has become more of a factor then ever before. Sometimes I feel like I'm chasing something that I should have done YEARS AGO. Are these doubts that are crawling in just the usual nervous reactions one gets when trying something new, or is reality setting in? Just curious for anybody that is 40 +.

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    Re: Turned 40 it too late for me?

    We had two in my class that were so close to the limit (42) that they could NOT fail any phase or they would be over the age limit.

    They did okay. What they commented was that they needed to PT a lot more in between drills and stretch a lot more after working out to keep from tightening up.


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      Re: Turned 40 it too late for me?

      We had a couple in my class that were pushing the 40 limit as well (and I was 37 at the time) and the statement about doing PT between drills is true. The under 32 seemed to be able to just show up and do the work-outs and not feel it the next day, but not the case for those of us a little older. I'm not a PT studd, so I had to run a couple of times a week between drills and spend a couple of weeks, at least, preparing for the ruck marches, but as long as I kept active it wasn't too bad.

      It doesn't necessarily get any easier once you graduate. There is still the required APFT and group runs and such once your assigned to a unit, but it is all easier if you just stay active between drills. At least that is what I have found.


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        Re: Turned 40 it too late for me?

        I agree that its just a matter of staying active. When I decided to enlist almost 2 years ago the only thing I had ever 'ran' was a household. I started out small and never quit, just kept at it to increase my strength, endurance and flexibility.

        I am starting OCS myself in May and still train every day. I run 12-15 miles a week, take a cardio class 4 days a week (I hear Phase 0 can be a bit intense), I lift weights 3 times a week, PU & SU every day and ruck between 5-7 every week.....(that last one is because I have short a** legs and a pretty small frame, so I'm working on strengthening what needs to be strong).

        Just keep working out in between drills. I have heard from my personal trainer that going even 2 whole weeks without working out can make muscles regress back to square one; then you'll be working just to get back up to standard and sore afterwards.

        If I can do it, believe me, anyone can and I'm 38.