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09S Woes.

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  • 09S Woes.

    I am prior service Navy and did a field enlistment as an 09S in November 2011. I was told that since I was an 09S that I didn't need to go to BCT because state OCS would count as my BCT. I was placed in a unit and began drilling. After attending a few drills and attending an OCS workshop I have realized that in order to be an effective officer I really should go to BCT and then go to OCS. My recruiter is telling me that this is the first time he has done this that I am going to have to chose another MOS and lose my 09S. Now he isn't answering my calls/texts. I live about 190 miles form my unit so it's hard to get them to help at all. Any advice?

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    Re: 09S Woes.

    It would be marginally helpful. I went through state OCS as a prior USAF enlisted, no army basic or orientation. You'll be fine. There's no real reason. Crack a book and study up a bit on drill and ceremony, PT, etc. What you dont know will be instructed to you by the TACs and you will learn and grow stronger. **** it up.


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      Re: 09S Woes.

      Also...your survival guide for OCS....

      be as physically fit as possible

      Read up on land nav...practice somehow if possible...become adept and handrailing roads and terrain association too. I used the "draw a straight line and walk that way" method, but toward the end started hand railing and terrain associating more.

      Memorize some drill and need the basics for those times your the PSG leading PT or marching your fellow OCs

      Memorize the five paragraph OPORD and the eight troop leading procedures.

      Become adept at being smoked repeatedly

      Develop thick skin for being called various army terms.

      Be prepared to get yelled at and do all kinda sillyness.


      You will feel great when you walk out of OCS a graduate and begin to realize how much you dont know.


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        Re: 09S Woes.

        In my OCS class we had a couple of prior service guys (1 marine and 1 Navy). The learning curve they had was mostly terminology and a little on the D&C, but the TACs were quick to help correct any mistakes