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Firearms training for AMEDD personel

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  • Firearms training for AMEDD personel

    Just curious about this . I was talking with a family friend and he told me that there is a requirement that all military personal have training in the use of firearms and some basic military skills. In the case of medical officers, I was wondering to what extent this is. It would seem that even on humanitarian missions, things can happen. Does BOLC cover any weapons or basic military skills, or would this be something that you can learn as you drill and train with your home state?

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    When I was stationed in Germany for three years, I was assigned to a medical unit and in that MTOE, the medical officers and medical services officers (including myself) only carried M9s and qualified with it only. E6 and below had an M16/M4 and that unit was 70 percent officer. When I went downrange, some officers would receive a M4 as a loaner if they were going to some hot spot FOB and wanted extra firepower. When I went on a mission to Kabul, I had a Soldier accompany me that had the long rifle while I remained with my side arm. And I rode through armored vehicles (called a RHINO) when I was moving through Kabul.

    So to answer your question, I do not know if you will go to the field during your BOLC training and if they give you a weapon but when you get to your unit, you will always receive instruction (PMI) before qualifying with a weapon. That is the SOP whenever soldiers go to the range.

    You will get your chance to shoot eventually.
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      You will qualify both at BOLC and yearly at your unit. The only uniformed military personnel who do not qualify with a firearm are chaplains (because they are forbidden by the international laws of war from handling weapons, lest they violate their status as a noncombatant). Military medical personnel will only use their weapons in self-defense, and in defense of their patients.