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Joining before becoming a PA a good idea?

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  • Joining before becoming a PA a good idea?

    Hi guys, I have a B.S degree in an non-medical field and I'm interested in going back to school to become a PA. I need to take about a years worth of pre-reqs before I can apply and I was thinking of enlisting as 68W in the meantime to gain some valuable skills. The guard has a couple nice programs for potential PA's, but there's also a big incentive to join after becoming a PA. The sounds of 68W training is fantastic and a huge +, but obviously schooling could get turned upside down if deployed. Are there programs to get put on non-deployable status if accepted and enrolled into a PA program? I'm just not sure the best way to go about this, any thoughts would be much appreciated.

    One more question, if I didn't get accepted for ASR or IPAP, would there be any help $$ wise besides the $4500/year? Thanks
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    The National Guard has AMEDD Recruiters who can answer your questions about the PA program. I can tell you that besides the $4,500 Federal Tuition Assistance you will receive about $365 per month with the Montgomery GI Bill. Also, some states have their own State Tuition benefits you should inquire about.

    While being deployed can interrupt your schooling, we usually know over a year in advance of upcoming deployments, allowing you to plan accordingly. Another option for you to consider is the Split Training Option which allows you to attend Basic over one summer and your 68W training the following summer. There are negatives & positives to this option but it's something to look into.

    Best of luck!!


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      I'm actually in NY, so it would be great if you could tell me about any additional tuition programs our State covers.

      I've done some more research since yesterday and it looks like the Guard may have axed the ASR program, which obviously sucks. I've also read that IPAP is very difficult for guard members to get into. I'm of course looking to join for other reasons than $$ considerations, but at this point, if someone was going to join, it seems much more beneficial to join after you get the degree.


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        New York has some of the best college benefits. Along with Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) we offer State Tuition Assistance which covers 100% tuition at any SUNY/CUNY School. Plus, you get the Montgomery GI Bill $365 per month and may qualify for the Kicker which is an additional $200. If you have student loans we can pay up to $50k of those.

        If you have AMEDD specific questions, I can put you in touch with our AMEDD Recruiter, just PM me.

        Which part of NY are you located or plan on attending school?