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73A- Social Worker

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  • 73A- Social Worker

    I've tried searching all forums related to 73A, but couldn't find the answer I was looking for so I will ask them here.

    I am currently an E-5 in the USAR and have completed my packet for the USAREC board this week. I understand that it takes a few days for a decision to be made before I am recommended to the Fedrec board, in which I have to appear. Since I am prior service, do I have to appear in Class A's? I have not updated my uniform since graduating from BCT and will not have enough time to get it done before next week. I am looking for clarification on attire and who the Fedrec board is comprised of and what questions are to be asked of me.

    What is the next step once I am approved by Fedrec board? I read something about temporary and permanent fedrec status. Can someone please clarify what this means?

    If all goes well this month (Nov 2012), when do I actually get commissioned and my current contract with USAR becomes null and voided? I only have two years post LCSW, so I believe that is only a 2LT correct?

    I also tried looking in ATRRS for OBC dates for 73A in Fort Sam, TX. However, it lists 58 weeks which I don't believe is accurate for my training. I was informed that it was 9 weeks for initial training. I don't have any info about future training and duration for 73A and how long I can wait in between initial and advanced training.

    Hoping someone has knowledge about 73A, usarec/fedrec process, and training information. I just want to make sure everything is in order before appearing before the fedrec board and going forward.

    SGT N

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    Re: 73A- Social Worker

    Once the board approves you, you will sign the Officers Oath and swear in, it can all happen in the same day. It will happen that fast, unless you want a ceremony. I didn't have ASUs, I just wore ACUs, which may not be the best but it is what it is.

    What fun, the board will probably ask you some tough questions.
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