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  • Met With recuiter-OCS?

    I met with a guard recruiter today and scored a 95% on the practice exam he had me take. He seemed extremely impressed and after seeing I had a Bachelor's degree, said I would be a good candidate to become an officer and attend OCS? My question mostly is how do I know if being an officer is right for me? I assume the training is different but after you finish training, what does the job look like/what are the duties involved? I know different branches do different things, but I am looking for a general overview.

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    It is good to see a recruiter recommend OCS. Do you want to lead other soldiers? Officers do more planning than enlisted soldiers do, and there will be more work outside of drill. You could start by leading a platoon of around 30 people, and then eventually move on to staff positions, company command, and more. Your exact duties will vary, depending on your branch. One difference between the officer and enlisted route is that officers do not get to choose their branch. They can give their preference, but there is no guarantee. Enlisted soldiers get their MOS in their contract.

    If you have no previous military service, you will attend Basic Training and then OCS. OCS can be federal (12 weeks), accelerated (8 weeks), or traditional (two two-week annual training periods and approximately a year of drill weekends, plus a few extra weekends up front for Phase 0). After you commission, you will attend your branch course, which could be 4 to 6 months long. There may be a long gap between commissioning and your branch course.

    A 2LT will make quite a bit more than a PVT, but you will do more to earn your paycheck, at least in the Guard.