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    I started to work out in the gym since 3 weeks ago. Is 15-20 min per day of running and strength training enough (1-2h/day 5-6days/week) to lose the last bit of belly fat ? I also have a good diet. Thanks in advance.

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    Try to add in some Body Resistance Interval Training for weight loss. Also work on your 2 mile time and practice doing push ups and sit ups. Strength training is fine but not really useful in basic, If you do wanna lift I will say use low weight and high reps basically go till you cant go anymore rest and go again that way you build up muscle endurance. maybe a few reps go heavy that way you hit both the slow twitch and fast twitch muscle. Hope my suggestion help, and for just starting out take thinks slow and keep proper form.


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      Get a buddy to push u try the paleo diet only drink water
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        I agree with Kneedragger: If you strength train, do low weight and high reps. I'd also recommend body exercises: body squats instead of weighted squats; push-ups instead of bench press; pull-ups instead of lat-pull-downs. And focus on running. Most soldiers struggle more with running than anything else. And the best way to get better at running is to run. I've seen the following running schedule recommended on several different sites (with a rest day in-between):
        Day 1: 2-mile run
        Day 2: 5-mile jog
        Day 3: Intervals
        Also, don't forget about your diet. Quit sugar, soda (even diet), junk food, and processed food. Load up on veggies, lean protein, and whole grains. And drink LOTS of water.


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          with all this try to do some abdominal exercises which also important for that..

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            well, you should increase your total running time to 30 minutes, with some fitness exercise.. it surely guarantees the fitness in a month..
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              I would personally try to make water your best friend. It keeps you hydrated and prevents muscle cramps while you strength train. Also, maybe try adding caffeine free green tea (from an actual tea bag, not a bottle) to your list of 'safe' drinks. It helps boost your metabolism and helps promote weight loss with a steady workout program. During meals, you may also want to try to spice things up a bit. Spicy foods are said to improve metabolism and help weight loss too. And depending on if you are a fan of it, detoxing for maybe a week wouldn't really hurt. It always helps to rid your body of harmful toxins before trying a diet. It'll make things run smoother. My friend used the following recipe for her detox beverages: 2 cups hot water, 2 cups cold water, 1/2 tsp Turmeric, 1/2 tsp powdered ginger, 3 drops Stevia concentrate. Drink 2 consists of fresh mint leaves, lemon, and oranges. Basically, you just cut up the fruit and leaves, put it in cold water, and drink it after letting it sit in the fridge for a little bit. Hope this helped


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                Run is very good for burning fat. You can ran everyday morning.


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                  Simply just work on your efforts and exercise doing force ups and sit ups. Body building is excellent but not really useful in primary, If you do want to raise I will say use low body weight and great repetitions generally go until you cant go any longer relax and go again that way you develop up muscular stamina.

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                    The belly fat is most difficult to loose.

           this article gives good advice.

                    You need to watch your diet very closely and cut down carbs. You need to measure everything your daily calories and how much are you burning ( try band or any other band you like) because you can't control what you can't measure.
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