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I need help!!!

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  • I need help!!!

    I need help!!! I went in to see my recruiter and they have not responded to me yet and every time I go into the office there's no one there, except more recruits.... I went in overweight... I weighed 225.. Now I'm down to 207... I lost the weight fast and safely... And I'm still losing weight because I haven't reached my own personal goal yet... I'm trying to get down to at least 175... I'm ready to leave and go to MEPS and Basic Training but the time my recruiters are taking are really making me reconsider my decision about joining the National Guard, and going to another service of the military... What do I need to do to prove to my recruiter to show them that I'm motivated, and that I am serious about joining.

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    I suspect there's something else going on unless you just have an irresponsible recruiter which is entirely possible. Have you taken the ASVAB or EST (practice ASVAB)? Do you have a GED? Medical or legal issues?


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      I have only taken the practice ASVAB, I have a high school diploma, along with one year of college under my belt. I don't have any known medical issues and I don't have any legal issues at all.


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        Well, perhaps you need to visit the other branches just to see what you can qualify for. There is no obligation when you talk to a recruiter and take the initial steps. Relax and enjoy the ride.


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          What did you get on the practice ASVAB? I can't imagine why a recruiter would ignore an applicant that's working hard to lose the weight you have to qualify. What state do you live in?


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            The harsh reality may simply be, the local Recruiting staff is not making you a high priority because there are so many other applicants they are spending their time working that simply aren't so close to the height/weight cap. You can see the stories on here...there are many people who HAVE lost an AMAZING amount of weight and had great success. You've lost 18 pounds. It's a great start, and perhaps you're 6'6", but 207 doesn't meet standard under 6'4" (17-20), and then it's at the very top of the scale. Just keep at it.