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How I Lost the Weight

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  • How I Lost the Weight

    In February 2012 I was about to embark upon yet another round of portion limiting, cardio bunny, low fat and low taste dieting. I had a kid now and he was exhausting me, and I was sick of it. So I resolved to do something about it.

    The fittest guy I know recommended the Paleolithic diet and lifestyle. I’d tried everything else that made sense, so I thought I’d try this since it seemed to make as little sense as possible. I wrote down a great deal of foods in “Do” and “Don’t “ columns. I stuck to the foods in the former and avoided the foods in the latter.

    I started exercising again, with just a simple 15 minute session on our old TreadClimber. I did this everyday and added 15 minutes a week. When that got boring I started showing up to work early and walking for hours on the trail around my job. I eventually graduated to occasional running, body weight exercises, and weight lifting.

    I also started voraciously reading, maybe even more than I was voraciously eating my new favorite group of foods. A line from the book the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson stuck out to me, “I encourage you to eat as much of these foods as you want to, at any time.” I was OK with that!

    Long story short, I went from 220 lbs to 164 lbs, and have maintained it for over a year. I’ve been running a lot more than I used to, since I will need to do so for Basic Training. On my best day I can do a mile in around 8 minutes. Once this starts to sink I’m going to start working on 1.5 miles, and getting that to where I need to be.

    I always had problems with my weight, but my recent MEPS trip showed that I am a full 15 lbs under my maximum weight limit for my age and height (29, 5’8”.) I know there are a lot of people who go on message boards for their service branches looking for advice, hoping to just eke by the weight limit by a pound or two. It felt truly good to be 15 lbs under and in better shape than some of the younger guys there. Paleo helped me do it. It’s more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle!
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