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can BCT be delayed because of health reasons?

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  • can BCT be delayed because of health reasons?

    Hello everyone, first of all my question crosses several aspects of the Guard and this forum, so I apologize if it is more suitable in another forum. Anyways, I've been very interested in ROTC, I'm a current college sophomore and my ideal plan is to enlist asap, pick a ship date either after this semester or during next summer, and attend RSP until my ship date (or so says my recruiter, whom I spoke with last year). Long story short, my issue is that I get occasional bouts of rough nausea which I now believe to be caused by lactose intolerance. This is a tricky thing than I struggle with but I believe I am making progress in figuring out what upsets me.

    I am very eager to move forward with the program, first to secure my spot and scholarship with ROTC, but also because I am very excited about starting my Guard career. I'm just very nervous that this issue won't be resolved and I would not want to ship out to basic with the risk of having an episode. I'm not looking for an "escape route" or anything in case I change my mind about the Guard, because this is something I am very passionate about, but I'd rather delay my training or back out here if necesary or than at BCT where everyone would suffer because of my problem.

    I know there isn't a great solution to this situation but I was wondering if anyone had any advice to offer or experience that could help me. Otherwise I guess I'll just wait this out and hope that things improve and there is still room for me come next spring. Thanks alot.

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    Re: can BCT be delayed because of health reasons?

    What you want to accomplish is fuzzy, the way you describe it.

    Do you want to be in the NG or do you want to be in ROTC/commission? The two can coincide and provide for a successful venture but I'm unclear on how you want to accomplish it...


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      Re: can BCT be delayed because of health reasons?

      Well I would like to do SMP, especially since enlisting seems to be my best way to secure a spot in ROTC and make up for the first 2 years (the basic level classes) of ROTC. Plus I would like to go through the challenge of boot camp and drill while I'm still in school. The ROTC liason I spoke with last year said I could attend LTC to make up for the first years missed but it is not offered every year, and like I said I really would prefer to enlist at this point.


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        Re: can BCT be delayed because of health reasons?

        Ok, so... here is the general timeline that you need to follow in order to accomplish your goal the way you outlined.

        1 - Enlist, go to BCT/AIT (AIT is not required but hard to *not* get a date unless you go 09S).
        2 - Return to college, join the ROTC program. You will be waived for MSI/II courses b/c of BCT
        3 - Profit.

        Now, once you contract with ROTC (and that is NOT a given. There are many, many variables that come into play. Just because you have BCT done does not guarantee a slot), your NG contract is negated. So, my advice to you is to not even mess with a long AIT... unless you just want the experience and pay. Until you actually contract with ROTC, you are a deployable asset. So while the program is messing around to get you contracted (ie - APFT, paperwork, physical, etc) you are subject to NG duty.

        As far as the whole LI thing... tough call. Hopefully NYGRecruiter will pipe up with that info,