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  • Here we gooo!

    No question! Just wanted to let y'all know- starting my Training program this week! Going with the one hundred push ups, two hundred sit ups programs as well as using the Army PT Conditioning Drill etc, and my own running program. I can't stand a monotonous routine when it comes to running, I like to really vary it so I'm going to keep things fresh when it comes to my training on that. As it is I already walk 2-8mi almost daily just getting around my home town and job hunting and running errands (sometimes having no vehicle is a blessing)!

    I'm 5'1" female, 23 years old and I weight about 110 ish? Maybe 105. I had a baby 6 months ago and I was 115 before I got pregnant and I'm smaller now than when I got pregnant so I'm not sure of my EXACT weight at the moment! But we'll see how well I do! At the end of week 2 and week 4 in my program I'll be taking a diagnostic self APFT to see what kind of progress I'm making!

    If anyone's got any suggestions or tips/pointers they wanna throw in I'm game! It's been a few years since I was in any kind of shape but I was able to pass the APFT at one point!

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    Re: Here we gooo!

    Eat the right food....drink enough water.


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      Re: Here we gooo!

      Yes sir! I'm on a pretty good diet and I carry around a 2 liter of water with me. :]