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Entry fitness requirements

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  • Entry fitness requirements

    Afternoon I wanted to know what are the requirements for the entry level exam for the guard I am going to MEPS next Tuesday and Wednesday and I will also be doing the ASVAB as well as the fitness and I wanted to find out what are the requirements is it the 2-2-2???????? or a 1-1-1, I asked my recruiter and he said don't worry about it you would do just fine but I am a bit concerned because I really don't work out that much I know I can do about 40 push ups and about 35 40 sit ups in 1 min. and the mile in about 10 mins putting an effort on it, any help I would appreciate it

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    Re: Entry fitness requirements

    The "physical" at MEPS doesn't consist of any type of exercises unless you consider the duck-walk as an exercise. The physical at MEPS is like a very thorough doctor's exam, checking your ears, eyes, lungs, heart. Taking a blood sample, urine sample, eye exam, hearing test and finally a dexterity test to include the duck walk.

    You won't be given your 1-1-1 physical assessment until RSP where males are required to complete 13 p/u, 17 s/u and run one mile in 8:30. The Army's 2-2-2 standard for someone between 17-21 is 42 p/u, 53 s/u and two miles in 15:54.


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      Re: Entry fitness requirements

      its a very difficult step to do but to gain something you have to lose something so be patient and do hard work result will be better.