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BCT workout?

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  • BCT workout?

    I was wondering if someone could either give me a good workout to get into shape for Basic or ould link my to a website with one? If you have any personal tips please give share too. Thank you

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    Re: BCT workout?

    RUN! a lot of cardio, cut out candy, soda, junk food. i struggled with the first pt test because i was eating like crap and drinking alot before i went


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      Re: BCT workout?

      Run, pushups, situps.


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        Re: BCT workout?

        Lance13A pretty much covered it.

        When we say run though, run outside. Inside won't do you much good. Research running if you're not an experienced runner and check out the APFT chart to see where you need to be to pass.

        Do lots and lots of pushups and situps, as well as other core workouts. They will have you doing all kinds of exercises while you're there. I've found that doing crossfit has really helped my PT scores if you're interested in that.

        Don't waste this time being lazy while you still can, take advantage of the time you have to get fit. You won't regret it.

        APFT Chart -

        Google is your friend -

        Pushups -

        Situps -


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          Re: BCT workout?

          All of the above. I would also suggest looking up "Maximize your APFT score" by SGM Robert S. Rush. It is a PT Improvement Plan that bases your workouts off of what your last PT score (self tested in most cases) was. I've personally done variations of this program and always seen improvements.


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            Re: BCT workout?

            RUN! And run outside, the treadmill won't do you much good. If you're not an experienced runner, do some research to help you out. Google "APFT chart" and see where you need to be to set some goals for yourself.

            Pushups. Do a lot, then go do more. You'll be pushing a lot in BCT. Google "one hundred pushups", there's a pushup plan you can do to help you drastically improve.

            Situps. Do a lot of these as well. Google "two hundred situps" and there's a similar plan for these as well.

            You'll probably get pretty bored of pushups and situps, so I'd recommend crossfit, personally. I've had a lot of success with it. It helps you all around and you won't get bored with it!

            I attempted to reply to this yesterday but I put links in it and I guess they didn't like that, so just remember that google is your friend. Don't forget to look up that APFT chart to keep you motivated!

            Good luck!