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Joining in just good enough shape.

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  • Joining in just good enough shape.

    I'm 25 years old, 5'8" and 270lbs. Sounds huge right? I'll never meet the 174lbs weight requirement, but I'm at about 32% body fat. Helps having an 18 inch neck. I've lost 18lbs in the last month without exercise and I'm trying to get in to shape to join. I was in body fat compliance about 2 years ago, had my ASVAB taken, passed, got down to 26% and then they closed the GED entries a week before I went to enlist. I weigh a lot, I hate cardio, but I'm willing to put forth the effort.

    My question is, how good of shape should I be in before boot camp to be able to survive. I know what the minimums are, I would like to know the recommended. I still have awhile till I intend to go see a recruiter and I really need to work on my cardio, but I would like to know how many pushups, situps, pullups, and anything else I should work on to make life slightly easier when I get to basic. My goal is to be ready by January of next year. Any routines you can suggest would also help.

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    Re: Joining in just good enough shape.

    Well for your age group you need to achieve:

    2 minute pushups: 40 - 75
    2 minute situps: 50 - 80
    runtime: 13 - 16:36

    You need to strive to hit the minimums prior to shipping to BCT.

    Also, the standards have been revised so you need to hit 24% in order to enlist.