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Does this sound like a solid Workout/Diet Routine for basic training prep?

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  • Does this sound like a solid Workout/Diet Routine for basic training prep?

    Hey guys, I've been doing this workout and diet routine for a while and want to make sure I'm not wasting my time, or there's something better I could be doing.
    Generally, I eat healthy. I have eggs and coffee, occassionally an energy drink, and occasionally a breakfast sandwich or something for breakfast. Lunch I have a milk and salad (I heard they were good for getting lean). And dinner I have some sort of meat usually, like fish or chicken. I'm human, I am a snacker and stuff like that. I also stay well hydrated throughout the day.

    Workout routine is pretty crazy, but it's paying off. I alternate my running schedules. One day, I run 1.74 in about 14:30 minutes around my neighborhood, in prep for the basic training pt test, Then I go home and run intervals, jog a quarter mile, run a quarter mile, repeating all the way up to 2 miles. I try fit another mile in there somewhere. The next day is for recovering from the last, and working on endurance. I just jog as long as I really can without going too hard.
    Both days I'll do some work in the gym (arms, legs, weights etc.). Now, on the PT test, I get 100 on pushups, like a 90 on situps, and a pretty unsatisfyingly low score on the 2 mile. Plus I really have to push myself for that, so I want to become more comfortable with that test incase I mess up my speed or pace during it. So, I'm not worried about strength, I'll be fine. It's mainly my cardiovascular endurance. I need to become faster, and able to run longer. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Does this sound like a solid Workout/Diet Routine for basic training prep?

    Also, how does the running tests go from MEPS to the graduation of basic training? I heard the running test at basic is an obstacle course ? What are the times for entry and the times for graduation for 17 year old males.


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      Re: Does this sound like a solid Workout/Diet Routine for basic training prep?

      I'm surprised that no one ever replied to this.

      It sounds like you're doing fine with your sit-ups and push-ups, so keep doing what you're doing with that. And make sure you look up the proper form for the sit-up and push-up to make sure that you're doing them correctly.

      You seem to be doing good on running as well, and it's good that you have a set schedule.

      Are you making sure to push yourself on every run?

      Do you have good form?

      Do you have decent running shoes?

      From what you said above, I see you are running every day. I'm no expert, but you may want to do some research on running. I've always been told to run every other day, to allow your body to repair itself. I, personally, run every other day. On the days that I run, I run anywhere from 2.5 - 4.5 miles. I start at a good pace, and make sure to try to keep up that pace, or even speed it up after the 2 mile mark in order to help my endurance. I have much more solid runs when I give myself a day off in between.

      On the days that I don't run, I do Crossfit type workouts. I pick 4-5 different exercises(which almost always includes sit-ups and push-ups), do a good set of each of those exercises back to back, then do a couple of sprints across a soccer field. I never let my heart rate get back to normal, but I take a short 30 second to 1 minute break after the sprints before I repeat the exercises again. I'll do about 4-5 rounds usually, it just depends on my energy level that day. I always push myself as hard as I can, and make sure that I increase the number of reps in each exercise slowly as time progresses and I get better, as well as changing up the exercises. For warm-up on Crossfit days, I stretch and jog about a half a mile to the park that I work out at. For you, you can probably pick more exercises, and do more rounds.

      Cross-fit is a great way to become a better runner. Theres a lot of good resources online and endless workouts to be accomplished. I never work out in the gym, it's ALWAYS outside. And if you have things like kettle balls and free weights that you can use for Crossfit, that's even better, I just stick to bodyweight exercises.

      And as far as the running portion of the PT test, there won't be one at MEPS. After MEPS, you go to Reception, where you inprocess, get uniforms, running shoes, etc. As far as I know, PT isn't done there either. From reception, you'll go to BCT. The first PT test there will be a 1-1-1. One minute of PU, one minute of SU, and a one mile run. From what you said, you will breeze through the 1-1-1, no problem. That is the last 1-1-1 that you will every do in your military career, so don't get used to it, haha. Shortly after that you'll have your first real PT test. You'll only take 3 total while you're in BCT, so make them count. I significantly improved my running time just while I was at BCT, so you probably will too.

      For you to get a 70%, you need to run two miles in 15:12. For 100%, it's 13:00. Here's the cart, it's the same from the beginning of BCT to the end.

      In all reality, you will be fine. All you really need to remember is to PUSH YOURSELF. Be in the RIGHT uniform, in the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time, and you will breeze through it.


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        Re: Does this sound like a solid Workout/Diet Routine for basic training prep?

        Oh, and one more thing.


        The difference between a good run, and a run filled with dry-mouth, cramps, and extra un-needed soreness is WATER.