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Wisdom teeth removal

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  • Wisdom teeth removal

    Hi there, I was wondering if I'm required to have my wisdom teeth removed, or if I can keep them since they aren't causing me any problems. Two have come in so far and my mouth adjusted pretty quickly with minimal pain. If its a requirement, I'll look into having them removed before basic, but I see no reason to if 1) it isn't causing a problem and 2) it isn't required. Any knowledge on this?

    PFC Langdon

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    Re: Wisdom teeth removal

    I can not speak from experience for the Guard specifically as I am looking into joining myself.

    But what I can tell you is that even though you are not experience physical pain from your wisdom teeth it does not mean they should stay, that also does not mean they should go. Only a dental professional can tell you whether they should come or go. There are also so many potential problems with wisdom teeth that a lot of dentists will suggest removal for prevention of problems.

    My recommendation to you would be to go see a dentist for an x-ray and review, but first talk with your recruiter about what types of screening you will go through along those lines during BCT. I can only tell you from my experience in Navy Basic that a dental check-up and appointments to bring you up to the required dental health were part of the package.


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      Re: Wisdom teeth removal

      I went through basic with mine...still have them.


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        Re: Wisdom teeth removal

        If they aren't causing you any problems they will leave them in. Mine were causing me problems in both BCT and AIT. I told dental at BCT and during the dental check in AIT. They told me that active duty had priority to have dental work and if there as time they would get guard and reserve in. I ended up getting them pulled 3 months after I got home from AIT.

        In all honesty, I would rather get them done at home and recover there. After seeing what some solders went though with theirs in BCT and AIT I would never want to go through that.

        I would suggest consulting your dentist anyway and ask their opinion if they should eventually be pulled at some time in the future. The biggest problem with wisdon teeth is not how they come in, but they are really difficult to brush properly and most people end up with cavities in them.