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  • exerise plan

    I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with an exercise plan. I'm 19 and have a bit of a belly on me, and I want to join the Army National Guard. Whats the best way to lose the extra fat and gain muscle fast without using all those pills and powder mixes? I know I have to exerise, but anyone have certain kinds of exercises that would work the best? And would my local recruiter help me out with that too?

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    Re: exerise plan

    If you need to lose weight I would suggest you focus on diet as much as your exercise. I'm currently training to prepare myself for basic training and here is my typical diet which I have found successful.

    Breakfast: I eat bowl of oatmeal made with vanilla flavored soy milk. It's easy to make and takes 1 minute in the microwave. Oatmeal is good for me because it makes me feel fuller longer than a bowl of cereal. To make it less boring I add cinnamon, a packet of splenda, and some crushed pecans. Another way to make oatmeal less boring is to put a little bit of peanut butter in it instead. Also, I would suggest that you stop drinking milk(even the low fat kind) if you are trying to lose weight.

    Pre lunch: Before lunch rolls around I eat two fruits. Usually a Banana and an apple.

    Lunch: I usually prepare my lunch for the work week ahead on Sunday night. I will cook a pot of brown rice and I will bake 4 chicken breasts (seasoned don't use oil). I will then take four tupperware containers and add some rice, 1 chicken breast, and some frozen vegetables from those large bags you can buy at the store. I bring these to work with me along with some light ranch dressing to eat monday-thursday for work. Friday I will usually eat a healthy choice frozen dinner. Some alternatives to chicken can be tofu, black bean or lentil soup.

    After Lunch: If I find myself needing more food before dinner I will eat some mixed nuts or popcorn.

    Dinner: I don't have one dinner with any regularity. I usually use dinner as a way to escape the monotony of my lunches and dinners lol! However, I try to keep it healthy or if it isn't healthy I try to make sure I control my portions. Often times dinner will be a real meal or something as simple as a sandwich with a side of vegetables.

    My typical work out plan.

    4-5 days per week I run two miles or more. If you are having trouble or feel overwhelmed consider the "couch to 5k" program. I would also suggest you find a running partner. There have been days I just wanted to stay inside but my partner dragged me along and I've done the same for him. It is very helpful for motivation and every time I was dragged to go run I always felt better for doing it!

    4-5 days per week I do at least three sets of push ups to my limit. I plateaued at about 40 push ups so I started doing push ups with a backpack full of books on my back. I was told to use a weighted vest but I'm trying to improvise. I will admit that I should probably be doing these 7 days per week but honestly I only end up doing it 4-5 days per week.

    4-5 days per week I do a core workout but not necessarily sit ups because I can almost max them out and I'm told they are bad for your back. I do my core workouts while I'm resting my arms from push ups.

    2 days per week I go to a heated yoga class. Yoga helps with flexibility, development of a stronger core and cardiorespiratory system, and so much more! Additionally, you are burning calories for an hour straight. It will also help you develop a sharper and stronger mind.

    1 day per week I play football in a local two hand touch league. I would suggest you find a sport you like and play it because it is a fun way to stay in shape.

    I've been doing this for about 4 months and I am very happy with my progress. A notable exception is push ups. I should do it 7 days per week!


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      Re: exerise plan

      Have you talked to a recruiter? They should have a form or workout plans for recruits before heading to basic.. start of with light cardio, walking jogging if u can... In BCT you'll be in the front lean and rest position, ALOT......


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        Re: exerise plan

        In addition to your individual work out/diet routine, I would suggest to enroll in your state's national guard Recruit Sustainment Program. I'm hoping to enroll myself before I ship to One Stationed Unit Training.